[James Stevens Cox, antiquary and bookseller.] Two of his pamphlets, published by his Toucan Press: 'The Richard Curle Collection of the Works of Cicely Veronica Wedgwood' and 'Surrealism and the Coiffure'. With Richard Curle's monograph on Cox..

[James Stevens Cox (1910-1997), antiquary, bookseller and proprietor of the Toucan Press; Richard Curle (1883-1968); surrealism; hairdressing]
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'The Richard Curle Collection': Published by J. Stevens Cox at the Toucan Press, Beaminster, Dorset, 1961. 'Surrealism and the Coiffure', 2nd edition, Toucan Press, Mount Durand, St Peter Port, Guernsey, C.I. 1977. Curle's monograph Stirling, 1962.
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The three items in good condition, with minor aging and the last two items lightly-creased. ONE: 'The Richard Curle Collection of the Works of Cicely Veronica Westwood'. Published by J. Stevens Cox at the Toucan Press, Beaminster, Dorset, 1961. 19pp., 16mo. In green printed wraps. Stapled. '65 copies printed'. Four-page introduction, in which Cox writes: 'I wish to emphasise, however, that, despite the amplitude of the muster, this is not a Bibliography. There is no numbering of pages, no listing of plates, no striving after the detailed completeness which is the essence of that laborious art; there is even no certitude, within my scope, that nothing has been omitted. Moreover, the author's remarks in my copies, attractive and typical as they are, have not been transcribed for the delectation of the reader. In brief, all this purports to be is a non-technical account with annexed factual comment, of a collection which, though comprising a long run of volumes, exhibits, and can exhibit, only a partial, if impressive, panorama of years of incessant industry.' Uncommon, with only three copies on COPAC: at the British Library, Oxford and the National Library of Scotland. TWO: 'Surrealism and the Coiffure | a paper read to The International Master Ladies' Hairdressers' Association, London, 1938. | by J. Stevens Cox'. 2nd edition. Toucan Press, Mount Durand, St. Peter Port, Guernsey, C.I. 1977. 6pp., 12mo. Mimeographed typescript. Concludes: 'This is a plea for unrestricted endeavour - a casting off of the soul crushing restrictive shackles of those traditional hair movements known as waves and curls. It is a challenge to progressive coiffeurs to grip their courage firmly and turn their eyes to that no-mans-land of art where the virile will grapple and create these new art forms. This is an urgent call for new hair movements, new hair arrangements and forms, novelty, vigour, excitement and freedom.' Uncommon: five copies of this second edition on COPAC (British Library, Oxford, V & A, National Library of Scotland and Trinity College Dublin), and none of the first. THREE: 'James Stevens Cox: A Study in Achievement by Richard Curle'. Printed and published by A. Learmouth & Son, Stirling, 1962. 23pp., 12mo. Stapled. In grey printed wraps. Frontispiece photograph of Cox. Uncommon: four copies on COPAC (British Library, Trinity College Dublin, Oxford, National Library of Scotland).