[Glubb Pasha (Sir John Bagot Glubb), English Arabist, leader of the Arab Legion army of Transjordan.] Autograph Note Signed, with large sprawling signature, in response to Typed Note Signed from Diane Richards.

Glubb Pasha [Sir John Bagot Glubb (1897-1986), English Arabist, leader of the Arab Legion army of the Transjordan, 1939-1956]
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No place or date. Responding to Richards' undated letter from Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada.
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See his entry in the Oxford DNB. Written large at the foot of a page on a 4to leaf. In good condition, lightly aged and creased, with a short closed tear to the outer edge just below Glubb’s sprawling signature, which consists of an illegible line of curls. Folded once for postage. At the head of the page is Diane Richard’s Typed Note Signed, addressed to ‘General Glubb’ and requesting that he sign ‘two pictures from my collection’. Glubb replies: ‘Dear Miss RICHARD, / I return your two pictures herewith with much pleasure. / All good wishes, / Your sincerely / [signature]’.