[Pamphlet.] "'The Stench of Nazism . ." [Including 'The Appalling Story Of Rzhev' and John Gibbons's 'Scenes Of Horror Never To Be Forgotten'.]

[The Communist Party of Great Britain; John Gibbons; Sergeant Air-Gunner J. A. Clough]
The Stench of Nazism . .
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Published by the Communist Party of Great Britain, 16 King St., London, W.C.2, and printed by the Farleigh Press Ltd. (T.U.), Beechwood Works, Watford. [29 April 1943]
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12mo, 8 pp. Staining and slight damage to first leaf from rust from staples, otherwise good on aged paper. (Two words of text are lacking, but easily supplied in the following: 'to die the struggle' and ve this message to my friends'). Slug carries code 'CP/C/29/4/43.', the last three elements indicating the date of publication. The front page carries a photograph of Clough, a twenty year-old 'reported missing from an operational flight', and reproduces a letter left by him for his parents. Scarce: no copy at the British Library, and only three on COPAC (at Bishopsgate Library, the Imperial War Museum, and Trinity College Dublin).