Typed Letter Signed from the Anglo-Jewish novelist Emanuel Litvinoff, thanking Derek Stanford for a review, and discussing the novelist Angus Wilson ('one of the few writers to whom I've written a fan letter') and short story writing.

Emanuel Litvinoff (19150-2011), Anglo-Jewish novelist [Derek Stanford (1918-2008), Anglo-Jewish author and critic; Angus Wilson (1913-1991), English novelist]
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36 Byron Court, Mecklenburgh Square, London. 2 July 1973.
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1p., 4to. He thanks Stanford for sending 'the carbon' of his 'warm review' of Litvinoff's novel ('A Death out of Season'). He missed the article and the note Stanford wrote 'about my autobiographical sequence' in the Scotsman, but is now iinterested to see from the review that Stanford is 'nursing the idea of a 'Forties memoir. Amazingly, few of us have written about the decade. I shall be getting around to it one day also, I hope. It was an interesting time, we were all young and it should be fun to write about.' The eight-line manuscript postscript is initialed 'E L.' He agrees with Stanford's view on Angus Wilson, of whom he is 'an intense admirer [...] he is one of the few writers to whom I've written a fan letter'. He 'rushed out to buy the new novel ['As if by Magic'] and was very disappointed'. 'He is essentially a brilliant practitioner of the short story. Mind you, one can understand his dilemma. The reluctance of publishers to do short stories and of its public to buy them forces a working writer, often against his will, into the novel.'