Copy of printed War Office model 'RULES OF THE ---- VOLUNTEER CORPS.' [i.e. Volunteer Force] With details of the committee members under Viscount Ranelagh responsible for 'drafting model Rules and Regulations for the government of Volunteer Corps'.

[The Rifle Volunteer Corps; The Volunteer Force, 1859-1908; The War Office, Whitehall; Sidney Herbert (1810-1861), 1st Baron Herbert of Lea, Secretary of State for War, 1859-1861; Viscount Ranelagh]
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'WAR OFFICE, 10th August, 1859.' ['V General No. 469'.]
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5pp., folio. In very good condition on lightly-aged paper. Copies of this document were sent by the War Office to the officers commanding the various corps, the Secretary of State considering that it would 'assist [them] in preparing Regulations for the government of the Corps under [their] Command'. For a full account of the subject see Hugh Cunningham's 'The Volunteer Force: A Social and Political History, 1859-1908' (1975). The cover page has in its top left-hand corner: 'V | General No. | 469', and carries a table of contents. Preceding the rules is a page headed 'WAR OFFICE, | 10th August, 1859', giving a list of the twelve committee members, preceded by the statement: 'PROCEEDINGS of a COMMITTEE assembled, by Order of the Secretary of State for War, for the purpose of drafting model Rules and Regulations for the government of Volunteer Corps when not on actual Service and subject to Military discipline.' In the list that follows, the President of the Committee is named as 'VISCOUNT RANELAGH, South Middlesex Rifles', and the first three members are: 'EARL SPENCER, Althorp Rifles. | MAJOR CLIFFORD, Victoria Rifles. | MR. J. H. ORDE, Yarmouth Rifles.' The 24 rules follow over three pages (the last page paginated 6), and include: '1. THE Corps having been raised under the Act 44 Geo. III., cap. 54, the members are consequently subject to the provisions of that Act, and to all regulations which have been or shall be issued, under the authority of the Secretary of State for War.' and '14. The following fines shall be imposed, [the amounts to be settled as above, provided that they shall not be less than the following sums respectively, viz., | For loading contrary to orders, or shooting out of turn .... 2s. 6d. | For discharging the rifle accidentally .... 5s. | For pointing the same, loaded or unloaded, at any person without orders .... 5s.]'.