Autograph letters signed (x 2) and 1 autograph note signed,

Marie Effie Bancroft (née Wilton)
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all undated, all with letterhead or embossment 18 Berkeley Square.
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Actress (1839-1921), wife of the actor-manager Squire Bancroft. The first letter, to Lady Hayter, "Thursday" (no date), 2 pages, 8vo. "Shall you have any military music on Friday? If so, I should like to see the Trumpeter for I want him to play some calls during a recitation. I would run in between 3 & 4 some day just to have a little talk on the subject." The second letter, to an unnamed male correspondent, "Tuesday", 3 pp, 12mo. She thanks him for sending the stalls to the concert, but is sorry that she cannot attend because "Mr. Bancroft intends to return home on Tuesday later than I expected in the evening". The note, to an unnamed male correspondent, "Tuesday", one page, 12mo. She writes in haste to say that she can only see him on the following day. Two items,