Autograph letter signed and one typed letter signed, both to Sewell [Stokes],

Norman Ginsburg
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both 1967, both with letterhead Barum Lodge, 25 Prideaux Road, Eastbourne, Sussex.
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Playwright (1902-1991). The typed letter, 8 February 1967, one page, 8vo. An interesting letter. "I am back again! I have just had a note from Murray Macdonald. He tells me he is going to direct a new play by Tam and Maggie Williams, probaly [sic] in July. The Williams' want Gladys Cooper [English actress, 1888-1971] for it but it is a small part and she has not said "Yes" or "No" yet. She spole to Murray about "The Limit" and told him she would like to do it at Guilford. So please, please convince her that the play to do is the one by ME and not by Williams! I have written to Laurier Lister at Guilford and I would like to suggest that Miss Cooper writes to him as well. It would do the trick! / I never expected the critics to like "The Sacred Flame" but I was amazed at the virulence of their attacks. [...]" With a postscript in autograph. The autograph letter, 19 July 1967, one page, 8vo. He thanks him for his prompt reply. "I'm sorry you can't manage the week-end but delighted at the reason. I hope it makes you rich for life! Vanessa Redgrave is a great catch. She must be one of the biggest magnets of the day. Good luck."