[Russian Literary Periodical; Chekhov] Autograph Letters concerning "Severnyi Vestnik" [Northern Herald], publishers of Chekhov etc]

Anna Evreinova; Nina Evreinova (Babashnikova); Fedor Babashnikova
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Various places, 1888.
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A Collection of Autograph Letters In Russian, and typed descriptions, transcriptions and translations in English which derive from previous owner. They concern a major literary periodical in Russia (Chekhov was a contributor), Severnyi Vestnik (Northern Herald) which was run by Nina Evreinova and, later, by Anna Mikh. Evreinova (a founding member of the Union for Women's Equality, etc - see further note below). The later history of this periodical emerges from this correspondence.A. Evreinova, Anna Mikh. (1844 - 1919*)DRAFT Autograph Letter Signed. 5 quarto pages, 27 September, 1888. Severnyi Vestnik Office, St Petersburg. Transcript attached. An impassioned plea to her cousin by marriage, Nin {Antonia) Vassilievna Evreinova, the owner-publisher of "Severnyi Vestnik" (under her maiden name of Sabashnikova) to keep the paper going. "[…] The legendary significance of the name of Sabashnikov guarantees honest p[ayment for contributions to your paper […] If you, Nina, cannot find 10,000 to support a great literary enterprise, where al I to get credit? […] What am I to do on the first of the month? With 4500 subscribers there is a loss of 5000-8000 […] …] 12,000 will be needed to finish the year […] If you intend to close the paper down, then print an announcement in the October number […] […] It is too awful to think what will become of your name, which at present […] ranks with those of Nekrasov and Saltykov […]"And so on, with other figures and an emotional appeal.Note: Suvorin remarked to Chekhov that Anna Mikhailovna seemed to be going out of her mind, and Chekhov commented that she had some treason to (Letter of 7 Nov. 1889).Sabashnikova handed over the ownership to Anna Mikhailovna (see letter of 3 Nov. 1888 in this collection, translation below) and the Monthly struggled on till 1890 when Evreinova finally sold out. This outburst (above) introducing the final act of the drama.Notes: a. Christine Fauré, Political and Historical Encyclopaedia of Women (2013):'Among the 30 women who founded the Union for Women's Equality were the journalists Zinaida Mirovich-Ivanova, Liubov Gurevich, Anna Kalmanovich, and Anna Evreinova, who was also the first Russian woman to obtain a doctorate in law.'b. * Dates given in Women, Education, and Agency, 1600 2000 edited by Jean Spence, Sarah Aiston, Maureen M. Meikle who describe her as the first female Lawyer in Russia, p.[83])A. Evreinova, Nina (Antonina Vassilievna, née Sabashnikova).Autograph Letter Signed, 6 pages, 8vo, 3 Nov. 1888, in Russian.An answer to Anne Mikhailovna's impassioned appeal to keep 'Severnyi Vestnik' going.She refuses offers of financial backing from the staff. Handing over the property in 'Severnyi Vestnik' to Anna Mikhailovna - the equivalent of an expenditure of 86,000 soubles. Retaining an option to return to share in the management when her finances improve. She will have no money of her own coming in this year but has borrowed 5000 from trustees and raised 5000 on the bourse to make up the money she promised in early November.Note: As from 1889, 'S.V.' appeared without Sabashnikova's name on the cover. A.M. Evreinova kept it going till 1890 when she was at last forced to sell out. The Sabashnikovs were rich Moscow merchants with publishing interests. Nina Vassilievna was married to a cousin of Anna Mikhailovna's, who was known fro his liberalism and served two terms as a district marshal of nobility in the province of Kursk.Severnyi Vestnik (The Northern Messenger), a monthly literary, scholarly, and sociopolitical journal published in St. Petersburg between 1885 and 1898. Until May 1890, the editor of Severnyi Vestnik was A. M. Evreinova. The main contributors were writers and publicists closely associated with Narod-nik (Populist) circles, such as V. G. Korolenko, N. K. Mikhai-lovskii, G. I. Uspenskii, and S. N. Krivenko. The journal also published works by A. P. Chekhov.In 1891, when L. la. Gurevich became publisher and A. Volynskii (A. L. Flekser) de facto editor, Severnyi Vestnik began advocating idealist philosophy and symbolist aesthetics and promoting the work of such symbolists as N. M. Minskii, D. S. Merezhkovskii, Z. N. Hippius, F. Sologub, and K. D. Bal'-mont. However, it also published works by D. N. Mamin-Sibir-iak, A. I. Ertel', P. D. Boborykin, N. S. Leskov, L. N. Tolstoy, and M. Gorky. The journal was often subjected to persecutions by the tsarist censorship.B. Sabashnikov, FedorAutograph Letter Signed, 8vo, 2 pages, Bonn, 22 May/3 June 1888Autograph Letter Signed, 8vo, 4 pages, Bonn, 2 Nov. 1888.Both are concerned with evading requests for money to support 'Severnyi Vestnik".Fedor Sabashnikov belonged to the rich Moscow merchant and publishing family. Nina Evreinova (born Sabashnikova, above) was his aunt. He was a student at the University of Bonn at this time.C. [Anna Mikh. Evreinova, prob.]MS, apparently in Anna Mikh. Evreinova's hand, 4 pages, 8vo, undated.'Property relationships in family life' (prob. translation of the heading).Evreinova was a Doctor of Law at Leipzig and published a study of women's inheritance rights in 1884.