[Fayette County, Commonwealth of Virginia.] Manuscript attested copy of a grant of land from Beverley Randolph, Governor, to Richard Lee.

[Beverley Randolph, Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia; Richard Lee; Licking, Fayette County]
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[The Commonwealth of Virginia.] Original document dated 10 December 1790. Copy made in late nineteenth century.
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On one side of a piece of 40 x 32 cm paper. A printed form, completed in manuscript. Docketted on reverse: 'Richard Lee | 9240 acres | Copy Grant | Examd | fee 43 cents'. On aged high-acidity paper, with tears along crease lines repaired with archival tape. At foot, in manuscript: 'A Copy | attest | M M Foster RLO | By E. A. Macurdy D.R.' The grant is described over seventeen lines, the land referred to in the document being in the 'County of Fayette on the Main fork at Licking'.