[Langridge & Freeman, auctioneers.] Interleaved Catalogue of the books in the Trottescliffe Rectory Sale, with Typed Letter from the auctioneers to Mrs Shepherd, explaining points relating to the coming sale.

[Langridge & Freeman, land agents, surveyors & auctioneers, Tunbridge Wells; Trottescliffe Rectory Sale, Kent, 1920; Mrs Shepherd; Rev. Key; Mr Fremlin]
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Letter on letterhead of Langridge & Freeman, Tunbridge Wells and 28 Great Queen St, Cheapside, London. 25 November 1920. Auction at Trottescliffe Rectory, Kent, on 30 November and 1 December 1920.
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Both letter and catalogue have suffered damp damage, resulting in some loss of text. Letter: Addressed to Mrs Freeman at Trottescliffe Rectory. 1p., 4to. It begins: 'Enclosed as promised we are sending you an interleaved Catalogue of the Books, with the titles of the "Others" written opposite to <...> These books were enumerated in the list sent to Messrs Sotheby's, but were omitted (as not being so valuable) when making up the catalogue.' The letter continues with points relating to the lotting, before concluding: 'We are sending this letter together with your catalogues with our Porter (Mr Knapp) to save postage. | We have sent off the Rev. Key's & Mr Fremlins catalogues as desired.' Catalogue: In 8vo notebook with manuscript title on cover: 'Trottescliffe Rectory Sale | Nov. 30th & Dec. 1st 1920 | Catalogue of the Books with notes & additiona Numbers'. Consists of pp.11-38 (lots 163-614) of the printed catalogue, interleaved with leaves carrying 11pp. of manuscript 'Particulars of the "Others"'. It was the Library etc of C.W. Shepherd, vicar and traveller (Iceland etc). The printed catalogue is scarce, with no copy at the British Library or on COPAC.