[ E. A. Freeman, Regius Professor of Modern History at Oxford. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Edward A Freeman') to 'Mr Wells'

E. A. Freeman [ Edward Augustus Freeman ] (1823-1892), Regius Professor of Modern History at Oxford
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On letterhead of Trinity College, Oxford. 9 February 1885.

1p., 12mo. In good condition, lightly aged. He 'had always thought to take the chair at one of the Seminar meetings on Feb. 18 or March 2.' and would 'gladly come to both, as I should be glad to hear what is said on both subjects'. Lightly-written beneath Freeman's signature, in a contemporary hand: 'Regius Professor of Modern History'.

[Langridge & Freeman, auctioneers.] Interleaved Catalogue of the books in the Trottescliffe Rectory Sale, with Typed Letter from the auctioneers to Mrs Shepherd, explaining points relating to the coming sale.

[Langridge & Freeman, land agents, surveyors & auctioneers, Tunbridge Wells; Trottescliffe Rectory Sale, Kent, 1920; Mrs Shepherd; Rev. Key; Mr Fremlin]
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Letter on letterhead of Langridge & Freeman, Tunbridge Wells and 28 Great Queen St, Cheapside, London. 25 November 1920. Auction at Trottescliffe Rectory, Kent, on 30 November and 1 December 1920.

Both letter and catalogue have suffered damp damage, resulting in some loss of text. Letter: Addressed to Mrs Freeman at Trottescliffe Rectory. 1p., 4to.

[Pamphlet.] The Forty-fifth Report of the Destitute Children's Dinners Society, established 1866. With a List of Donors and Subscribers.

[Destitute Children's Dinners Society] [Freeman & Son, printers, 107 Wilton Road, Victoria Station, London, SW]
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London: Freeman & Son, Printers, 107, Wilton Road, Victoria Station, SW. From July 1st, 1910, to June 30th, 1911.

24pp., 12mo. Stapled. In grey printed wraps. With stamp, shelfmark and label of the Board of Education Library, otherwise in good condtion, on lightly-aged paper. No copy in the British Library, or on COPAC.

[ohn Sewell, Clerk of the Chamber, Chamberlain's Office, Guildhall, London.] Printed handbill headed 'Instructions for taking apprentices by such freemen of the City of London, admitted by redemption without the intervention of a company.'

John Sewell (d.1866), Clerk of the Chamber, Chamberlain's Office, Guildhall, City of London
Publication details: 
Chamberlain's Office, Guildhall, London. Undated [1850s.]

Printed on one side of a piece of 23 x 19cm grey unwatermarked wove paper. In good condition, lightly-aged. Attractively printed in a restrained style. Reads: 'Instructions | for taking apprentices | by such freemen of the City of London, admitted by redemption, | without the intervention of a Company. | An ACT of Common Council has been passed For facilitating the binding of Apprentices to such Freemen of the City of London as may not be free of any of the Companies of this City.

Two Autograph Letters Signed (both 'Lee of Fareham') from Arthur Hamilton Lee, Viscount Lee of Fareham, to Morley Stuart, editor of the Cambridge Daily News, with reference to his 'old friend' the Marquess of Willingdon.

Arthur Hamilton Lee (1868-1947), Viscount Lee of Fareham, soldier and politician [Freeman Freeman-Thomas, 1st Marquess of Willingdon (1866-1941), Viceroy of India; Morley Stuart; Cambridge Daily News]
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Both on letterhead of Old Quarries, Avening, Gloucestershire. 20 and 24 October 1940.

Both items 2pp., 12mo. Both in good condition, on lightly-aged paper, with slight evidence of previous mounting. The first letter (addressed to 'The Editor | Cambridge Daily News') begins: 'When I received my L.L.D Degree from the University (in June 1931) you published in your issue of June 6, some photographs of the procession to the Senate House on that occasion.' He is writing 'on the off chance' that 'original prints' survive, 'as I am most anxious to obtain one, for my Autobiography, if it is in any way possible to do so'. In the second letter (to 'Mr.

Autograph Letter Signed ('Edward A Freeman') from the historian and politician Edward Augustus Freeman to the Staffordshire antiquary Rupert Simms, correcting his list of Freeman's books for Simms's 'Bibliotheca Staffordiensis'.

Edward Augustus Freeman (1823-1892), English historian and Liberal politician [Rupert Simms (1853-1937), bookseller and Staffordshire antiquary
Publication details: 
Somerlease, Wells. 23 February 1884.

Freeman's letter is on the last of five folio pages, each on a separate leaf, sent to him by Simms, giving, for correction, the proposed entry on Freeman in the future 'Bibliotheca Staffordiensis'. In fair condition, on aged paper. On the first page Simms has given a brief biographical description of Freeman; the middle three pages comprise a numbered list of twenty-three of Freeman's books, with dates, and the last page carries a rather optimistic request by Simms for information regarding 'Contribution to Periodicals, Magazines, &c. Giving Number a year of Serial - Pages occuppied - &c'.

Autograph Letter Signed from Freeman Hunt, editor of the American Magazine and writer on economics, regarding his difficulties with the publishers (Derby & Jackson, New York) of his 'Lives of American Merchants', vol.2. With engraved portrait of Hunt

Freeman Hunt (1804-1858), editor of 'The American Magazine' and author of fiscal conservative works on economics [Derby & Jackson, New York publishers; Sir William Pepperrell]
Publication details: 
New York. 12 August 1857.

2pp., 12mo. Bifolium. Good, on lightly-aged paper. In a difficult hand, with the recipient's name indecipherable. He will not be able to insert the portrait of Sir William Pepperrell in his book (the second volume of his 'Lives of American Merchants'), as the 'publishers [Derby & Jackson, New York] are unwilling to pay for more than expense of printing and paper', and he has 'been at a good deal of expense already on that score'. The volume was published in 1858. The portrait, 'Eng[rave]d. by Wm. N.

Autograph Letter Signed ('John Freeman'), with envelope, to Hodgson at 20 Bromley Common, Bromley, Kent.

John Freeman [John Frederick Freeman] (1880-1929), English Georgian poet [Sidney Hodgson, book auctioneer of Hodgson's, Chancery Lane, London]
Publication details: 
7 April [no year]; on embossed letterhead of 29 Weighton Road, Anerley, [London,] S.E.

8vo: 1 p. 7 lines. Good, but with some foxing, and with a corner of the blank reverse tipped in onto a card mount on which the envelope is laid down. He thanks him 'for the catalogue containing the Moore item'. Would be 'very glad' if Hodgson 'could call here on Thursday next & join us in a meal at 7 o'clock [...] I suggest Thursday because then we shall not be alone, nor dull'. Hodgson was the author, in 1927, of 'Brief notes on the history of the hamlet of Penge with Anerley'.

Autograph Letter Signed ('Jas: Stanley:Little') to S[eymour C.] J. Freeman-Matthews [of Cape Town].

James Stanley Little (1856-1940), British novelist
Publication details: 
28 September 1900; on letterhead 18 Drakenfield Road, Tooting Common, S.W.

One page, quarto. On aged and lightly creased paper. He is sending the signature with 'one or two others'. 'Possibly the work I have done for South Africa (I have been upholding the Imperial cause for a quarter of a century) is your reason for paying me the compliment.' Thinks he recognises from Freeman-Matthews' crest that he is 'a descendant of the Llandaff Mathews family'.

Typed Memorandum of Agreement Signed in which Freeman undertakes 'to write a contribution to THE NEW LONDON SPY edited by Hunter Davies on the subject of Male Homosexuals in London'.

Gillian Freeman [Anthony Blond Ltd; The New London Spy]
Publication details: 
1965; London.

One page, A4. Creased, dogeared and with a few small closed tears. The contribution was to be five thousand words in length, 'at the rate of 10 guineas for each thousand words'. Signed by 'Gillian Freeman', and by 'Desmond Brian' on behalf of Blond. Docketed record of two payments of fifty guineas in red ink manuscript in top right-hand corner.

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