[Evelyn Waugh and the John Freeman interview on 'Face to Face'.] Producer Hugh Burnett's copy of the full transcript (by 'HMB') of the interview, featuring eight passages which do not appear to have been broadcast.

Evelyn Waugh (1903-1966), novelist; John Freeman (1915-2014), Labour MP and broadcaster; Hugh Burnett (1924-2011), producer; BBC TV series 'Face to Face']
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Without date or place, but with 'tv 26.6.60' [i.e. interview broadcast by the BBC, London, 26 June 1960].

This is the transcript of John Freeman's celebrated interview of Evelyn Waugh, broadcast in the BBC series 'Face to Face' on 26 June 1960. The Waugh interview is not among those which feature in Burnett's book 'Face to Face' (Jonathan Cape, 1964) and has never been published. Waugh was apprehensive about the interview, writing beforehand to his friend Tom Driberg, who knew Freeman from his time as a fellow Labour MP: ‘I have let myself in for cross-examination on Television by a man named Major Freeman who I am told was a colleague of yours in the Working Class Movement.

[Tony Hancock and John Freeman's BBC TV 'Face to Face' interview.] Typescript, marked up for the printer, of the interview as published in the book of the series edited by the producer Hugh Burnett.

Tony Hancock (1924-1968), comedian [John Freeman; Hugh Burnet; 'Face to Face', BBC Television series]
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Undated, but prepared for a book published in 1964.

An interesting artefact of Hancock's celebrated interview by John Freeman (1915-2014), broadcast on 7 February 1960 in the BBC series 'Face to Face'. From the papers of the programme's producer Hugh Burnett (1924-2011). During the half-hour interview an earnest and humourless Hancock responded frankly to Freeman's questions about his life and work. Hancock had always been highly self-critical, and it has been argued that the interview exacerbated this tendency, contributing to his later difficulties.

[Dame Edith Sitwell and John Freeman's 'Face to Face' BBC TV interview. ] Two items: Autograph Letter Signed ('Edith Sitwell') to producer Hugh Burnett; & Typescript (printer's copy) of the section on the interview in Burnett's book of the series.

Dame Edith Sitwell (1887-1964), iconic poet and critic [Hugh Burnett; John Freeman; Face to Face, BBC Television series]
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Letter with letterhead of Renishaw Hall, near Sheffield, in envelope on which Sitwell gives her address as Castello di Montegufoni, Montagnana, Val di Peso [near Florence, Italy]. 18 August 1959. Typescript undated (for book published in 1964).

Two items relating to Sitwell's interview with John Freeman (1915-2014), broadcast in the BBC series 'Face to Face' on 6 May 1959. The two items are from the papers of the programme's producer Hugh Burnett (1924-2011). ONE: Autograph Letter Signed to Burnett. Signed 'Edith Sitwell'. On letterhead of Renishaw Hall, Renishaw, nr. Sheffield. 18 August 1959. 3pp., 12mo. In envelope with Italian stamp and postmark, addressed by Sitwell to 'Hugh Burnett, Esqre. | Television Studio | Lime Grove | London. W.12'.

[Carl Gustave Jung: BBC TV interview on 'Face to Face'.] Six items from the papers of interviewer John Freeman, including two letters from Jung's secretary, psychoanalyst Aniela Jaffé, edited typescript of interview, carbons by producer Burnett.

Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961), Swiss psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, founder of analytical psychology; his secretary Aniela Jaffé (1903-1991), Swiss analyst [John Freeman; Hugh Burnett]
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Jaffé's two letters on letterhead of 'Prof. Dr. C. G. Jung', Küsnacht-Zürich, Seestrasse 228. 22 June 1959 and 15 September 1960.

The six items relate to an interview Jung gave to the BBC on 26 June 1959, broadcast in the series 'Face to Face' on 22 October 1959. They are from the papers of the programme's producer, Hugh Burnett (1915-2014). The interviewer, John Freeman was to edit Jung's final work 'Man and his Symbols' (1964). The six items comprise: two letters from Jung's secretary Aniela Jaffé; the typescript for publication of an edited version of the interview; carbons of two letters from the programme's producer Hugh Burnett (1924-2011); and a letter from Edward Caffery of the BBC Copyright Department.

[ Colin Morris, playwright. ] Typescript of his play 'Reluctant Heroes'.

Colin Morris (1916-1996), English playwright and actor
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Without place or date. [ London? Circa 1951. ]

108pp., 4to. On rectos only. In brown card covers. In fair condition, lightly aged, with bottom of front cover (probably pr`eviously carrying agent's details) cut away. 'RELUCTANT HEROES' is typed onto the cover, with 'by | Colin Morris' added in manuscript (probably by Morris himself). The play, Morris's most famous farce, was acted in London in 1950 (published version by the English Theatre Guild in the following year), and turned into a film, with a script by the playwright in 1951.

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