[John Evelyn of Wotton House, Surrey, seventeenth-century diarist, writer and gardener.] Autograph ownership inscription of book, with shelfmarks, reading: 'Catalogo Evelyni inscriptus. | Meliora Retinete.'

John Evelyn (1620-1706) of Wotton House, Surrey, diarist, writer and gardener
Publication details: 
Without date or place.

On one side of 14 x 2 cm slip of paper, cut from the flyleaf of a book. Aged and with contemporary blotting to one corner. The slip is neatly placed in a paper windowpane mount. Reads: 'Catalogo Evelyni inscriptus. | Meliora Retinete' Two shelfmarks deleted: 'N. 16' and 'J: 231'. A good brief description of Evelyn's book collecting is given in his entry in the Oxford DNB. As there are four catalogues of his books, identifying the work to which the two present shelfmarks are assigned should not present any difficulty.

[Sir Cecil Beaton, photographer.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Cecil'), to '[Laura?]', regarding a 'ghastly time', 'B. H.', 'David' and 'a suburban cul de sac - in the outskirts of Manchester'.

Sir Cecil Beaton [Sir Cecil Walter Hardy Beaton] (1904-1980), photographer, diarist and socialite
Publication details: 
On letterhead of Reddish House, Broadchalke, Salisbury. 'Monday Oct ??' [no year]

1p., 12mo. In good condition, lightly aged. 15 lines of text, including part of postscript up one margin. The handwriting is not entirely straightforward, and the addressee's name is not clear. The letter begins: 'Dearest [Laura?]. | What a ghastly time – but I'm sure it had its moments of hilarity – as for B. H. can't imagine what she was thinking – in fact didn't know she really knows about anything.' To Beaton's surprise, his letter to 'David c/o Poste Restante' has been returned after three months. 'Can't begin to imagine how he sticks it out – year in & out.

[ Cholera; Charles Greville, celebrated diarist and first-class cricketer. ] Autograph Signature ('C Greville') to part of letter.

Charles Greville [ Charles Cavendish Fulke Greville ] (1794-1865), English diarist ('The Greville Memoirs') and first-class cricketer
Publication details: 
No place. 28 November 1831.

The Greville Memoirs caused an uproar on its publication in 1874. Queen Victoria described it as a 'dreadful and really scandalous book' which should be 'severely censored and discredited'. Disraeli characterised its author as 'the vainest being—I don't limit myself to man—that ever existed; and I don't forget Cicero and Lytton Bulwer […] when he was not scandalous, he was prolix and prosy—a clumsy, wordy writer […] a more verbose, indefinite, unwieldy affair, without a happy expression, never issued from the pen of a fagged subordinate of the daily press'.

[ Sotheby and Co., London, auction catalogue. ] Catalogue of the Well-known Collection of Relics of Samuel Pepys | The Property of the late John Pepys Cockerell (Sold by Order of his Widow).

[ Samuel Pepys; John Pepys Cockerell; Sotheby and Co., London auctioneers ]
Publication details: 
Sotheby and Co. 34 & 35 New Bond Street, London, W.(1). 'On Wednesday, the 1st day of April, 1931, immediately following the Sale of the Paston Letters at One o'clock.'

The full title reads: 'Catalogue of the Well-known Collection of Relics of Samuel Pepys | The Property of the late John Pepys Cockerell | (Sold by Order of his Widow) | comprising Samuel Pepys' superb silver-gilt Porringer and Salver, King James II's Gaming-Table and Pieces, Portraits by Sir Godfrey Kneller of Pepys and his Circle, and of James II, Books from Pepys' Library, including a Nautical Almanack on vellum, c.

[ Arthur Joseph Munby, diarist and poet. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('A. J. Munby') to the bookseller Bertram Dobell, regarding two lost postal orders.

A. J. Munby [ Arthur Joseph Munby ] (1828-1910), diarist, poet and barrister obsessed with women in service [ Bertram Dobell (1842-1914), bookseller and literary scholar ]
Publication details: 
Ripley, Sussex. 23 September 1894.

4pp., 12mo. Bifolium. In good condition, lightly aged and worn. The letter concerns two missing postal orders, regarding which Munby reports that he has made enquiries with 'the Ripley postmaster'. He discusses the question, giving the numbers of the postal orders, and writes: 'The postmaster tells me that, as the Orders were crossed, the G. P. O. will (unless by any chance the Orders have been cashed) repay the £1. 4.

Autograph Letter Signed ('F Greville') from the diarist Charles Cavendish Fulke Greville to an unnamed male correspondent.

Charles Cavendish Fulke Greville (1794–1865), Clerk to the Privy Council, and political diarist
Publication details: 
'Grosv[eno]r Place | Saturday [no date]'.

1 p, 12mo. Good, on lightly-aged paper, and still tipped-in onto leaf removed from album. Arranging a time at which to call on him. According to the Oxford DNB Greville moved from Grosvenor Place to Lord Granville's house in Bruton Street in 1849.

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