[Charles John Vaughan, Headmaster of Harrow School and Dean of Llandaff.] Autograph Letter Signed to W. S. De Winton, giving an analysis of the state of affairs regarding ‘Church Reform’.

Charles John Vaughan (1816-1897), Headmaster of Harrow School and Dean of Llandaff [Wilfred Seymour De Winton of Haverfordwest; Church of England; Anglican; church reform]
Publication details: 
23 October 1885; Llandaff.

Despite Vaughan’s final protestations, a fine analysis of the competing forces around the drive for reform of the Church of England. See his entry in the Oxford DNB. The present item is from the papers of the recipient, Wilfred Seymour De Winton (c.1856-1929) of Haverfordwest. 4pp, 12mo. On bifolium with mourning border. Signed ‘C. J. Vaughan’. Thirty-six lines of text. Begins ‘Dear Mr. de Winton, / I am interested by your letter.

[Edward Copleston, Bishop of Llandaff and Provost of Oriel College and Professor of Poetry, Oxford.] Autograph Letter Signed ('E. Copleston') laying out the conditions under which he will subscribe to a publication.

Edward Copleston (1776-1849), Bishop of Llandaff, Provost of Oriel College, Professor of Poetry, Oxford, Political Economist
Publication details: 
11 March 1821. Oriel College [Oxford].

1p, 4to. In fair condition, on aged and worn paper with one corner torn away (without any loss of text). Folded three times. The recipient is not named. The letter begins: 'Sir | Your letter enclosing a prospectus of your proposed work has just reached me. I beg you will excuse me for not entering into a discussion of the subject, which is a rule I have found it necessary, under my engagements, to make.

[ Charles Sumner, Bishop of Winchester. ] Autograph Note Signed ('C Winton.') to 'the Society' [i.e. the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge], with an order, in another hand of books required by him.

Charles Richard Sumner (1790-1874), Bishop of Llandaff and Dean of St Paul's Cathedral, and then Bishop of Winchester
Publication details: 
Farnham Castle. 2 January 1832.

2pp., 12mo. The item comprises a note in Sumner's hand on the first page, beneath which, and continuing onto the second page, is an order in another hand for 34 books in eight categories, under the headings 'Bibles', 'Testaments' and 'C[ommon] Prayers'. Sumner writes: 'Revd. Sir. | I request you will send me the following books on the terms of the Society, by Lamport's Farnham Waggon.' The order, in another hand, begins: 'Bibles | 5 8o Medium Small Pica without Marg[inal] Ref[erences]. And Apocr[ypha]'.

[ Charles John Vaughan, Headmaster of Harrow School and Dean of Llandaff. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('C. J. Vaughan'), regarding a payment received by him from 'Rustal's Charity'.

Charles John Vaughan (1816-1897), Headmaster of Harrow School, Master of the Temple, Dean of Llandaff, President of University College, Cardiff
Publication details: 
Leicester. 15 July 1842.

1p., 12mo. With mourning border. In good condition, lightly aged. He found the recipient's 'kind letter' on his return home, and thanks him for it and for his 'good offices in procuring me the payment from Rustal's Charity'. He asks him to communicate his best thanks to the Trustees, 'at the next opportunity which may occur'.

[ Charles John Vaughan, Headmaster of Harrow School. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('C J Vaughan') to Lady Russell, explaining that his 'Presentation to Christ's Hospital' has been given away.

Charles John Vaughan (1816-1897), Headmaster of Harrow School, Master of the Temple, and Dean of Llandaff [ Frances Russell, Countess Russell [ Lady Russell ] (1815-1898) ]
Publication details: 
On embossed letterhead of the Athenaeum Club, Pall Mall [ London ], but with 'Address | Llandaff' written by Vaughan. 23 October 1882.

2pp., 12mo. In fair condition, lightly aged, with traces of glue from mount at head of first page. He is sorry to say 'that my Presentation to Christ's Hospital has long been given away to the Orphan son of an old Harrow Pupil who died early & left his family ill provided for'. He ends by describing his family's whereabouts.

[ Printed pamphlet. ] A Letter to His Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury, by Richard, Lord Bishop of Landaff.

Richard, Lord Bishop of Landaff [ Richard Watson (1737-1816), Bishop of Landaff; Frederick Cornwallis (1713-1783), Archbishop of Canterbury ]
Publication details: 
London: Printed for T. Evans, Paternoster-row, 1783.

[2] + 54 + [1], 4to. Disbound pamphlet with half-title and last page carrying an advertisement for the second edition of Watson's 'Chemical Essays'. . In fair condition, on lightly aged and worn paper, with remains of brown leather spine. The subject of the pamphlet is two proposals by Watson regarding 'the Revenues of the Bishops' and 'those of the inferior Clergy', both proposals 'tending to the same end; - not a parity of preferments, but a better apportioned distribution of what the State allows for the maintenance of the established clergy'.

Pamphlet by Shadrach Pryce, Dean of St Asaph, 'The Welsh Language in relation to Education in Wales'; with handbill address to Sir William Hart-Dyke from John Griffiths, Archdeacon of Llandaff, Chairman of the Society for Utilizing the Welsh Language

Shadrach Pryce (1833-1914), Dean of St Asaph, Welsh Anglican priest and educationalist; John Griffiths (1820-1897), Archdeacon of Llandaff, Chairman of the Society for Utilizing the Welsh Language
Publication details: 
Pryce's pamphlet 'read at the London Church Congress, on Oct. 11th, 1899'. Griffiths's address headed with details of The Society for Utilizing the Welsh Language, 66 Miskin Street, Cardiff; 26 November 1888.

Both items are excessively scarce: with no copy of either in the British Library, on COPAC or WorldCat. Both of the present copies carry the stamps, labels and shelfmarks of the Board of Education Library. ONE: Drophead title: 'The Welsh Language in Relation to Education in Wales. | A paper read at the London Church Congress, on Oct. 11th, 1899, by S. PRYCE, M.A., Dean of St. Asaph, and examining Chaplain to the Lord Bishop of St. David's; (formerly one of H.M. Inspectors of Schools).' 8pp., 12mo. In manuscript at head of first page: 'With the Dean of St Asaph's compliments'. Stitched.

Autograph Letter Signed ('Jas: Stanley:Little') to S[eymour C.] J. Freeman-Matthews [of Cape Town].

James Stanley Little (1856-1940), British novelist
Publication details: 
28 September 1900; on letterhead 18 Drakenfield Road, Tooting Common, S.W.

One page, quarto. On aged and lightly creased paper. He is sending the signature with 'one or two others'. 'Possibly the work I have done for South Africa (I have been upholding the Imperial cause for a quarter of a century) is your reason for paying me the compliment.' Thinks he recognises from Freeman-Matthews' crest that he is 'a descendant of the Llandaff Mathews family'.

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