[Manuscript; Salisbury; New Sarum] "Com Wiltess" [County of Wiltshire]. Ancient Rents of the principal impropriations of the Dean & Chapter of Sarum [Salisbury].

William Collins, auditor to Earl of Salisbury, Irish Army in the 1640s, etc. ("auditor Collins")
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1630s or 1640s[?]
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Five pages, cr.8vo, poor condition, including one bifolium, chipped with small loss of text. On [p.4] of the bifilium there is a signed statement in William Collins's hand (the auditor): 'Theise are the Auntient Rentes of the principall Impropriations of the Deane & Chapter of Sarum (i.e. Salisbury) according to the survey 26 H. 8 (i.e. of the 26th year of Henry VIII = 1534-5). What sume they are improved appeareth not but neither are the values of Bedwym (Bedwyn), Okborne (Ogbourne) & Uphaven (Upavon) expressed.Wm Collins, Auditor'. About 70 Prebends, Tithes and Rectories are listed with their rents (not in Collins' hand), some crossed out, others added in Collins hand. The first in the list is "Lavington Prebend ye yearly rente is xxxix[pounds [...]" (Mere [...] Warmister Prebend, etc, rentes given). Places concluding Rectorie include Homington, Cricklade, those concluding Tithes include New Forest, Windsor Forest. The list is therefore of the churches in Wiltshire that belonged to the dean and chapter of Salisbury, showing the amount of annual rent the incumbents had to pay in order to hold them according to a survey carried out in 1534-5. William Collins was the Earl of Salisbury's auditor, who seems to have been active from the 1620s to the 1640s. The hand certainly fits this period. It might be dated to the 1640s, perhaps in the context of an attempt by Parliament to assess the income of the Salisbury dean and chapter after disestablishment in 1646.