[Manuscript; Salisbury; New Sarum] "Com Wiltess" [County of Wiltshire]. Ancient Rents of the principal impropriations of the Dean & Chapter of Sarum [Salisbury].

William Collins, auditor to Earl of Salisbury, Irish Army in the 1640s, etc. ("auditor Collins")
Publication details: 
1630s or 1640s[?]

Five pages, cr.8vo, poor condition, including one bifolium, chipped with small loss of text. On [p.4] of the bifilium there is a signed statement in William Collins's hand (the auditor): 'Theise are the Auntient Rentes of the principall Impropriations of the Deane & Chapter of Sarum (i.e. Salisbury) according to the survey 26 H. 8 (i.e. of the 26th year of Henry VIII = 1534-5). What sume they are improved appeareth not but neither are the values of Bedwym (Bedwyn), Okborne (Ogbourne) & Uphaven (Upavon) expressed.Wm Collins, Auditor'.

[Robert Harley, Earl of Oxford; Thomas Mansel, Baron Mansel; Henry Paget, Earl of Uxbridge.] Autograph Signatures, as Lords of the Treasury, on part of warrant, with that of James Moody, Deputy Auditor.

Robert Harley, 1st Earl of Oxford and Mortimer (1661-1724); Thomas Mansel [Mansell], 1st Baron Mansel (1667-1723); Henry Paget [Pagett],1st Earl of Uxbridge (c.1663-1743) [Lords of the Treasury]
Publication details: 
Treasury Chambers, Whitehall, 24 November 1710.

On one side of a leaf of foolscap paper. Aged and worn, with closed tears. Reads: 'Let the aforegoing Warrant be Executed. Whitehall | Treasury Chambers the 24th . day of November 1710. | Ro: Harley | Pagett | T: Mansel | Intrat in Offic Edvardi Harley Arm | Auditoris xxixno. Die Junii 1711. | Jas Moody Dep Audt.' Irrelevantly (and tantalisingly) docketed on the reverse: 'An Acc[oun]t. of the Tithes, and other Parish dutys formerly paid by ye Housekeep[e]rs of Kensington for the 2 Grounds lately made into a Wilderness & ye kitchen Garden / to the Parish of Paddington & Kensington'.

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