[ Royal Air Force School of Army Co-operation, Old Sarum (No. 2 Combined Ops. Bombardment Unit).] Bound collection of thirty-five Second World War duplicated lecture notes, with annotations by 2nd Lieut. J. S. Eason, and an autograph report by him.

Royal Air Force School of Army Co-operation, Old Sarum [ No. 2 Combined Ops. Bombardment Unit ] [ Second World War lecture notes; 2nd Lieut. J. S. Eason, Royal Marines ]
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School of Army Co-operation [ No. 2 Combined Ops. Bombardment Unit ]. Most from Old Sarum. Dating from between September 1943 and December 1944.

None of the items in the following collection has been traced elsewhere, either at the Imperial War Museum, or on WorldCat or COPAC. The background to the collection is explained by one authority as follows : 'The School of Army Co-operation was originally established at Old Sarum in 1920, to provide training for air officers supporting troops on the ground. It became the School of Air Support in 1945 when its remit was broadened to cover assistance by air in amphibious operations. It was reformed again in May 1947, within No. 11 Group, as the School of Land/Air Warfare.

[Manuscript; Salisbury; New Sarum] "Com Wiltess" [County of Wiltshire]. Ancient Rents of the principal impropriations of the Dean & Chapter of Sarum [Salisbury].

William Collins, auditor to Earl of Salisbury, Irish Army in the 1640s, etc. ("auditor Collins")
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1630s or 1640s[?]

Five pages, cr.8vo, poor condition, including one bifolium, chipped with small loss of text. On [p.4] of the bifilium there is a signed statement in William Collins's hand (the auditor): 'Theise are the Auntient Rentes of the principall Impropriations of the Deane & Chapter of Sarum (i.e. Salisbury) according to the survey 26 H. 8 (i.e. of the 26th year of Henry VIII = 1534-5). What sume they are improved appeareth not but neither are the values of Bedwym (Bedwyn), Okborne (Ogbourne) & Uphaven (Upavon) expressed.Wm Collins, Auditor'.

Autograph Letter Signed to Major General Rooke.

John Douglas, Bishop of Salisbury
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Windsor Castle June 18th. 1792.'

Learned ecclesiastic (1721-1807), who opposed Hume and edited Clarendon. One page, quarto. Good, though on discoloured paper and heavily creased with a few small holes (not affecting text) caused by wear. Second leaf of bifoliate, damaged, discoloured and with some loss through breaking of wafer; bears address ('To / Major General Rooke | Member of Parliament | Woodstock | Oxfordshire') and postmark 'WINDSOR'. As Douglas was travelling to Salisbury, Rooke's covering letter did not arrive with 'Dr.

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