Autograph Letters Signed to unknown correspondent(s?),

Walter Crane
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Holland Street and Neufchatel respectively, 3 Nov. 1904 and 31 August 1931
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Artist and Poet (1845-1915). Two Autograph Letters Signed, 2 pages and one page respectively, 4to, staining and damage especially to 1910 letter, but texts clear. (1904) Crane outlines his understanding of "the terms under which 'The Golden Primer' was produced" based on his co-author's (Meiklejohn) letters - three fifths of the proceeds. He quotes relevant detail from two letters,on of which discusses a cheap edition for schools. "I find a dummy copy of this with a cover design of mine & Blackwood's imprint". He thinks a re-issue in the "original form" a good idea. (1910) He agrees to the proposal concerning the re-issue of "The Golden Primer", & accepts terms, royalties of 15% "on the published price of all copies sold less the 13th copy for the Trade." Finally, he announces that he will be returnuing to 13 Holland Street in the course of September. Both letters are addressed to "Sir", and the contents suggest the same correspondent was implicated. Published as follows: The Golden Primer. [In verse. With illustrations by Walter Crane.]MEIKLEJOHN. John Miller Dow2 pt. Blackwood & Sons: London, 1884. 8o.[2] The Golden Readers. Standard I. (Primer II.)READERS2 pt. Moffatt & Paige: London, [1896.] 8o. Two items,