[Ernest Rhys, author.] Three Autograph Letters Signed and one Typed Letter Signed to Anglo-Irish poet Sylvia Lynd, regarding both their poetry and a literary proposal for her.

Ernest Rhys (1859-1946), writer and founding editor of Everyman's Library [Sylvia Lynd (1888-1952), Anglo-Irish poet, wife of the essayist Robert Lynd (1879-1949)]
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The ALsS from Whiteleaf, Princes Risborough (1); and The Bell House, Askett, Monks Risborough, Buckinghamshire (2). The TLS on J. M. Dent letterhead of 'Everyman's Library | Edited by Ernest Rhys'. Between 1930 and 1934.
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The three items are in fair condition, lightly aged and creased. Totalling 7pp., 8vo. ONE: ALS. From Whiteleaf, Princes Risborough; 11 Nov. 1930. Begins 'I heard the other day of a poem of yours, that a young soldier carried about in the war, till he was killed. It was sent home with his papers, & some day I hope to have it - his own copy of it - from a friend, & to send it to you | Why tell you of this now? Because the news of your mother's death has been weighing on my mind, & I wanted to say a word, yet knew how unconsoling words can be.' TWO: ALS. From The Bell House, Askett, Monks Risborough, Buckinghamshire; 14 March 1933. Rhys suggests two ideas to Lynd, which he has discussed with his wife. The first is 'a wonderful women's testament, a chrestomathy of the poets & tale-tellers, &c. [...] But the idea may not attract you, & you must always have too many schemes in the offing??' Of the second idea Rhys writes: 'Lately too, a New York publisher, Macrae, suggested a Xmas-book for youngsters, to follow the Nursery-Rhyme-book you were so kind to: & I vaguely remembered a story you wrote, & bothered you about that!' He concludes: 'I'd have gladly travelled up to Keats Grove; but I'm rarely in town, & getting town-shy. What a pleasant memory, the afternoon when you read your poem by the fire. (Why not let Lovat Dickson publish your later lyrics? He seems to have an enterprising mind.)' THREE: ALS. Address as Item Two. 27 July 1934. Concerning Lynd's collection of poems 'The Enemies'. 'A slender tender sad gay true sylvian solomonian little testament it is. (How it would have delighted G.R.! [his late wife Grace]) For association's sake I like best of all the fireside piece you once read me by your fire. Had you never written another, that would reveal your secret heart & mind. It was your voice in it. No one else could have written it. It is your "Confessio memoriae," & the fire your mystical confessor[.] The lyric movement of it is very consonant, & very original! [...] Yes, you have the Sylvian Touch, & perhaps you are wise to use it so sparely -, so jealously!' FOUR: TLS. On letterhead of 'Everyman's Library edited by Ernest Rhys', J. M. Dent & Sons, Limited, London; 10 Oct. 1933. Rhys thanks Lynd for her 'letter about my Book of Rhymes, which bucked me up as nothing else could. It is so much to get a real tribute from a fellow poet who knows the art and the craft and knows too how hard in these days it is to get a sympathetic hearing.'