[Rev. Charles Henry Hartshorne, antiquary.] Autograph Letter lacking signature, regarding the repayment of a debt, his forthcoming marriage and his requirement for engraved portraits.

Rev. Charles Henry Hartshorne (1802-1865), antiquary, linked by scandal to the bibliomaniac Richard Heber
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Stand near Manchester. 10 November 1826.
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2pp., 4to. 51 lines of text. On brittle, discoloured paper, with closed tears and slight loss at foot, including the signature. In September 1826 Hartshorne had returned to England from a tour of the continent with the Earl of Guildford, to find that rumours were circulating that he had been engaged in a homosexual liaison with Richard Heber. In December 1828 he married Frances Margaretta Kerrich. Written in a somewhat tetchy tone, the letter begins: 'Dear Sir | On my return home from a visit to my family in Shropshire, where I have been to make preparations for my approaching marriage, [last two words underlined] I found your two [last word underlined] letters waiting my arrival - & think that a slight degree more of patience in your composition would at least have spared me theh expense of the last, as it is by no means my fault that you have not heard from me sooner.' He explains the reason why he has not made the promised 'remittance in October [...] from the proceeds of my small living in Northamptonshire', and is enclosing '20£ - with which, notwithstanding your professions of poverty, you must remain satisfied till after Xmas'. The coming change in his circumstances will 'tend to keep me very poor for some time'. 'We talk of bending our way towards London - in that case, I shall see you in about 3 weeks or so, - & shall wish you to get me a few more portraits inlaid'. He is sending a list of portraits which he still wants 'to fill up my Biblioth: Angl: Poet: [i.e. his copy of the book 'Bibliotheca Anglo Poetica']'.