[Rev. Charles Henry Hartshorne, antiquary.] Autograph Letter lacking signature, regarding the repayment of a debt, his forthcoming marriage and his requirement for engraved portraits.

Rev. Charles Henry Hartshorne (1802-1865), antiquary, linked by scandal to the bibliomaniac Richard Heber
Publication details: 
Stand near Manchester. 10 November 1826.

2pp., 4to. 51 lines of text. On brittle, discoloured paper, with closed tears and slight loss at foot, including the signature. In September 1826 Hartshorne had returned to England from a tour of the continent with the Earl of Guildford, to find that rumours were circulating that he had been engaged in a homosexual liaison with Richard Heber. In December 1828 he married Frances Margaretta Kerrich.

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