[ Rev. Robert Anderson Jardine, the man who married the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. ] Album of newspaper cuttings and other material, with signed note on front cover: 'PROTESTANT CUTTINGS | PAMPHLETS & general items: | R. Anderson Jardinee'.

Rev. Robert Anderson Jardine (1878-1950), Vicar of St Paul's, Darlington, who performed the 1937 wedding ceremony of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor
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Cuttings dating from 1910 and 1911, and 1930.
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Jardine, dubbed by the press 'the Poor Man's Pastor', travelled to France to perform the ceremony. As a result, his vestry committee resigned and he resigned his living, emigrating to the United States. The cuttings are laid down on 19pp of a Victorian folio volume, in superior brown calf binding, tooled in gilt, with marbled endpapers, and 'HARMONY OF THE GOSPELS' stamped on the spine. As the title on the spine indicates, the volume contains the manuscript of a harmony of the gospels, covering 127pp, with the text written around columns of printed text cut from a printed bible. Most of the cuttings relate to controversy between the Church of England and Roman Catholic Church, and while the greater part are unattributed and undated, some come from sources including the Record, British Weekly, Defender, Liverpool Express, Catholic Opinion, Catholic Herald. Also present are two handbills. Topics include: scapular medals; 'Catholicism and Prosperity'; prayers for the dead; the St Hilary Case; Spanish Converts; Catholics and their press; 'Catholic M.P. as President of Protestant Mission'; Sunday boxing; the Catholic Encyclopaedia; 'Murder by Monk. Terrible Story of Monastic Corruption. Body cut in pieces'; Growth of Popery; the Pope's rebuke; the Immaculate Conception. The first (2pp., 12mo), dated 30 June 1910, is headed 'The Suggested New Royal Declaration. A Manifesto by the Church Association.' ('Alex. W. Cobham, Chairman'). The second (1p., 12mo, on orange paper) is an publishers' advertisement (by Robert White of Worksop and C. H. Collette of London) for the 1865 book '"I Believe in the Holy Catholic Church." A Controversial Correspondence between Charles Hastings Collette, Esq., Of London (Protestant), and Dr. Geraghty, Of Dublin (Roman Catholic)'. Also a circular typed letter from John P. Waterkeyn of the Society for the Maintenance of the Apostolic See, 11 October 1930, and a flier relating to Pontifical Flags on Holy Father's Day.