[ Printed pamphlet. ] Answer to Dr Mitchell's Statement of Facts.

James Gibson [ afterwards Sir James Gibson Craig (1765-1850) of Riccarton; Dr John Mitchell, M.D., Freemason, Master of the Caledonian Lodge of Edinburgh, Scotland ]
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Edinburgh, 5th March 1808. Neill & Co. Printers.
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12pp., 4to. Unbound. In fair condition, aged, worn, and with light damp-staining. An interesting document in the context of Whig politics and Freemasonry in Scotland. One of a number of acrimonious pamphlets exchanged between the two men. On 22 February 1808, a few days before the writing of the present pamphlet, Mitchell had distributed a handbill stating: 'I hereby declare to the world, that, Mr James Gibson, Writer to the Signet, of York Place, is a dastardly ruffian and infamous coward'. Five charges against Mitchell are given in the present item, each with his answer and a reply from Gibson. The first charge is not untypical: 'He was challenged some years ago, by a young Gentleman, who afterwards posted him on the door of the Infirmary, &c. He took no notice of either the one or the other. Afterwards, he Gentleman's second pulled his nose before a number of Gentlemen; applying to him, at the same time, all the opprobrious epithets he could think of. Dr Mitchell quietly put up with these affronts.' Subsequent charges see Mitchell spat at, kicked, and called 'an Infamous Liar, Cheat and Scoundrel'. In his answers Mitchell quotes from letters of friends supporting him, and in his replies Gibson does the same. Note at end: 'Edinburgh, 8th March 1808. - This Answer was in the Printer's hands several days ago, but I was advised not to circulate it till the Grand Lodge decided upon my charges against Dr Mitchell. This decision was given last night.' Only three copies on COPAC: at Edinburgh, the National Library of Scotland, and the British Library.