[ 'Banister Halsted scripsit'. ] Calligraphic manuscript poem entitled 'An Address To an Irish Gentleman 9 Foot high by M.D. a Lady' [ the subject being the 'Noble O'Brian' Charles Byrne, called 'the Irish Giant' ].

Banister Halsted (1753-1798) [ Charles Byrne (1761-1783), 'the Irish Giant'; the O'Brian [ O'Brien, Byrne ] family in Ireland ]
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Undated [ late eighteenth-century? ]
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1p., 4to. On leaf of cream paper laid down on leaf of lilac paper removed from an album. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn. At bottom right: 'Banister Halsted scripsit'. Twenty-line poem, attractively arranged beneath calligraphic title within irregular border. No reference to the poem has been found, and it appears to be unpublished. It begins: 'Noble O'Brian majestic is thy Mien | Thy Manner's graceful and thy Mind's serene | Content sits smiling on thy placid Brow | And from thy Lips the well form'd Accents flow | Thy mild Address the British Fair admires [...]'. On the reverse of the lilac leaf from the album is laid down a finished ink drawing of a thatched country church.