[ 'The Need of a National Party', 1890-1920. ] Material from the papers of J. Cuming Walters, editor of Manchester City News, regarding the formation of a national party, including drafts of autograph letctures by him, pamphlet, cuttings, proofs.

[ National Party, United Kingdom, 1890-1921 [ John Cuming Walters (1863-1933), editor of the Manchester City News, 1906-1932, journalist and author; Winston Churchill ]
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Manchester and London. Between 1890 and 1920.
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A useful background guide is Geoffrey Russell Searle's 'Country before Party: Coalition and the Idea of "National Government' in Modern Britain, 1885-1987' (London, 1995). As the manuscripts in this collection indicate, Cuming Walters cherished the idea of a national party from the 1890s, and he was able to re-use material from that period on the formation of the National Party in 1920 (not to be confused with the party of the same name, a pamphlet relating to which is present, dating from 1917). The collection is in fair condition, with most items lightly-aged and worn, but with one or two with slight loss and damage. ONE: Corrected Autograph Manuscript Draft of unpublished paper by J. Cuming Walters: 'A National Party'. Dated 'October, 1890'. 35pp., 12mo. Heavily revised. TWO: Part of later corrected Autograph Manuscript Draft of Item One by J. Cuming Walters. Conclusion of lecture. Dated at end 'October, 1890'. On 28 pieces of paper (mostly 12mo), with the main section paginated 16-41. THREE: Corrected Autograph Manuscript of unpublished lecture by J. Cuming Walters: 'The Need of a National Party | A Lecture delivered at the Ladywood Conservative Club, October 8th., 1890, by J. Cuming Walters'. [2] + 14pp., 12mo. Heavily revised, with numerous deletions. Introductory 'Note' by 'J. C. W.': 'Very hastily written, but not hastily conceived, this Lecture can only claim attention for any new ideas it may contain, & not for the manner in which they are expressed. I have tried to speak plainly and without fear; & I only ask in return that the plain issues should be considered & criticised. To the members of the Ladywood Conservative Club, for whom it was written & who received it so cordially, this Lecture is dedicated.' FOUR: Galley proofs of both parts of article 'Political Ideals. Why not a National Party? By an Ex-M.P.' [1911.] Initialled at head of first part by Cuming Walters, with autograph note: 'Uncorrected Proof'. FIVE: Newspaper cutting of 'Political Ideals. Why not a National Party? By an Ex-M.P.' Manchester City News, 11 February 1911. SIX: Five pages of manuscript start of article 'Political Ideals | Why not a National Party? | By an Ex-M.P.' In Cuming Walters' hand, and with instructions by him to printers. With a three miscellaneous autograph leaves, letterhead of the Manchester Evening Chronicle, card addressed to Cuming Walters. SEVEN: Pamphlet: 'The National Party to promote Reform, Union and Defence. A Statement of Policy.' Published by The Provisional Committee of The National Party, at 22, King Street, St. James', London, S.W.1. [1917] 15pp., 8vo. Stapled. With stamp on cover of the 'Secretary – National Party, | 23 Kilvert's Buildings, | Withy Grove, | Manchester.' List at front of 27 'Members of both Houses of Parliament and other public men' who issued the 'original Manifesto', from 'Colonel Lord Ampthill, G.C.S.I., G.C.I.E.' to 'Lt.-Col. Lord Stafford, D.S.O.' Headings include 'Failure of the old Party System' and 'Aims of the National Party'. Datable from the following: 'The Empire has now been engaged for three years in a war which our leading party statesmen claim to have foreseen.' Only three copies on COPAC: at the Imperial War Museum, National Library of Scotland and Oxford. Items Eight to Ten are printed articles extracted from magazines. EIGHT: S. Hutchinson Harris, 'A Plea for a National Party'. [Fortnightly Review, 1904.] 10pp., 8vo, paginated 1028-1037. NINE: John Beattie Crozier, 'Suggestions for a New Political Party. Its Principles and Methods, with Some Applications'. [Fortnightly Review, 1905.] 16pp., 8vo, paginated 195-210. TEN: Henry Jones, 'Idealism and Politics. I.' [Contemporary Review, 1907.] 12pp., 8vo, paginated 610-621. ELEVEN: Newspaper cuttings from Manchester Evening Chronicle, 16 July 1919. Report titled 'To-day's Political Sensation. New Centre Party Launched for Reconstruction Era. Premier as Leader. Great Lobby Excitement: Coalition Funds Amalgamated.'; and editorial titled 'New Party and the New Problems'. The editorial begins: 'As was generally anticipated, the dinner to Mr. Winston Churchill last night possessed great political significance. Mr. Churchill, who had just returned from a long conference with the Prime Minister, delivered a carefully prepared speech in which he dilated on the necessity of forming a permanent Centre Party out of the elements of the present Coalition. Sir George Younger for the Unionists and Captain Guest for the Coalition Liberals associated themselves with the views expressed by Mr. Churchill.' TWELVE: Newspaper cutting from the Manchester City News, 17 January 1920. Article titled 'A National Party'.