[ Printed volume. ] A Brief History of Boys' Journals | With interesting facts about the writers of boys' stories. [ 'The Old Boys' Books' on cover. Printed handbill advertisement for the 'Old Boy's Book Club' pasted in at rear. ]

Ralph Rollington [ John J. Wilson, Secretary, The Old Boy's Book Club', Liverpool; Harold Simpson, Leicester periodical dealer ]
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H. Simpson, Grove Road, Leicester. Appendix by 'H. S.' dated 'Leicester, July, 1913.'
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111 + [1]pp., 8vo. Frontispiece and eight plates. In fair condition, on aged and worn paper, in worn grey printed wraps, with light staining to front cover and slight loss at head of spine. Rollington's account begins: 'Some enthusiastic old readers of Boys' Journals of nearly forty years ago have asked me to write a brief history of the rise and fall of Boys' Papers during that period. | I can speak from experience, for I have been the proprietor of four Boys' Journals, and have written many boys stories.' Pasted inside the back cover is a full-page advertisement, by 'JOHN J. WILSON, Sec.', headed: 'Join! Join! Join! | The "Old Boy's Book Club" | Advantages - MANY. Costs - ONLY POSTAGE. | Telegraphic Address: "Wilsons's, Seaforth." | Telephone 201 WATERLOO. | Offices: | 51 Seaforth Road, Seaforth, Liverpool, Lancs.' The Club 'has been formed with the object of helping the Members to sell, exchange or obtain rare and scarce Bygone Books for Boys.' Now uncommon.