[ Arthur Oswald Barron, journalist and genealogist. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Oswald Barron') to 'Dear Ted'

Oswald Barron [ Arthur Oswald Barron ] (1868-1939), journalist and authority on heraldry and genealogy
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On his letterhead, 36 Brook Green, W.6. [ London ] 5 November 1919.
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1p., 12mo. In fair condition, on creased and lightly-aged paper. Written in a close and difficult hand. A jokey letter: 'I also am obstinate as Marion in matters of fact. I doubt if ever she saw a bishop signing with "Arthur Bath. and Well." What she saw was "Bath. & Well." which must stand for "Bathomensis et Wellensis".' | But yet I will not be sure that there has been no iliterate [sic] bishop of Bath and WElls. At least the bishop now alive can sign his name for I have seen him do it. This is more than I can do, as you see'. The letter concludes with a jokey four-line postscript, followed by 'I cannot read your Xtian name: I do my best.'