[ William Kelty McLeod, Lieut. Col. Comding, 74th Highlanders; Kaffir Wars ] Autograph Signed Testimonial ('W K McLeod Col. | Lt. Col. Com 74th. Highlanders') in favour of Major Philip Philpot, who desires to obtain employment as a 'public servant'.

Brigadier General William Kelty McLeod (1862-1928), Regimental Colonel of the Highland Light Infantry
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Malta. 7 January 1896.
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3pp., tall 8vo. Bifolium. In good condition, lightly aged and worn. Folded four times. With regard to Philpot's desire to obtain 'employment under Her Majesty's Government' as a 'public servant', he has applied to McLeod 'for a testimonial as to his Conduct and Efficiency as an Officer during the seven years he served in the 74th Highlanders': ''There has been but one opinion of him in the Corps, which was, that he was a most able, active, intelligent and gallant officer, possessed of much common sense and sound judgment. | He served throughout the Kaffir War of 1851-52-53 and on the death of Lt Colonel Fordyce in action in the Waterbloop - he was left for some time the only surviving officer in a most dangerous position encumbered with wonded and took an active part in the attack to cover their removal, which was completely effected under his orders'. He describes another occasion in which Philpot 'volunteered to carry an order to a detached party', before noting his departure from the regiment, 'as a Captain to the great regret of all ranks, on account of ill health, in India'. Despite his glowing testimonial, surprisingly little is to be discovered concerning Philpot. McLeod has an entry in Who Was Who.