[ Inscribed by the author. ] 1531-1931. Thomas Bilney, M.A., LL.D., Fellow of Trinity Hall, and Professor of Civil Law at Cambridge, and The Dawn of The Fourth Centenary of The Reformation in England.

G. E. Connor [ Gwendolyn Edith Connor (1885-1950), afterwards Gwendolyn Edith Tapley-Soper ] [ Thomas Bilney (c.1495-1531), English Protestant martyr ]
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At end: 'G. E. CONNOR. | [2] Dix's Field, | Exeter.' [ Pamphlet from 1931; author's inscription dated 1938. ]
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4pp., 4to. Bifolium. In good condition with light signs of age. Inscribed at bottom right: 'With Compliments | from | The Writer. 1938.' And beneath inscription, again by Moore, in pencil: 'Kindly return, after reading, if not required, to 28 Bouverie Place, Exeter. As copies are now scarce'. At the end of the document the author has added '2' to his address, and has amended the following: 'A Memorial Tablet to Dr. Thomas Bilney will (D.V.) [amended to 'was'] be unveiled on September 19th, 1931, in the Lollards' Pit at Norwich). [added in manuscript: 'by Mrs. Tapley-Soper.)', Mrs Tapley-Soper being the author herself]'. Connor appeals to the reader to 'co-operate in any way in commemorating the Fourth Centenary of the Martyrdom of Thomas Bilney, M.A., LL.D., and in bringing to the Remembrance of the English-speaking Peoples the Fourth Centenary of the Dawn of the Reformation'. The tone verges on the unhinged, with such exclamations as 'What did Joan of Arc do for England? Nothing. | What did Thomas Bilney do for England? More than anyone can tell.' and 'Is there a conspiracy of silence? Is England to be ignorant and indifferent to the Fourth Centenary of the Reformation in England? God helping us, NO!' Scarce: three copies only on COPAC.