Autograph letter signed to Miss Russell.

John Marriott.:
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10 June (no year).
SKU: 1966

Divine and poet (1780-1825). Three pages, 4to, heavily water-stained but still all legible, tear and nick not affecting text. He tells her that he has at last got round to sending her a book (a postcript reveals that it was a "french Book" which his wife had promised ot loan a long time before). He had hoped she was going to visit. He discusses the parlous health of his son and his wife's "maternal anxiety". He had seen a mutual acquaintance, looking better, and hopes she received his letter of thanks for the drawings of the tesselated pavement she had given as a present to him,. The postscript written by the address panel also mentions Lafdy Jersey (Tell Majr Loscombe that Lady Jersey is quite an ornament to my field {?} . . .". Scott addressed the second canto of" Marmion" to him.