[ Hugh Walsham, pioneer of radiology of the chest. ] Autograph Letter Signed, giving directions for the recuperation of a patient with an eye injury.

Hugh Walsham (1853-1924), pioneer of radiology of the chest [ X-rays ]
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On letterhead of 114 Harley Street, W. [ London ] 18 May 1900.
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Walsham's entry in Munk's Roll describes him as 'a pioneer of radiology of the chest, and his book, written in collaboration with Harrison Orton, 'Roentgen Rays in the Diagnosis of the Diseases of the Chest' (1906), was the first to deal with the subject in English. 3pp., 12mo. Bifolium. In fair condition, lightly aged. Difficult to decipher, possibly because Walsham 'paid dearly for his work in the loss of several fingers'. Addressed to 'Dear Madam', and explaining that Walsham and a named colleague whom the named patient had consulted are 'strongly of the opinion that perfect rest for the eye is absolutely essential for the remainder of the week'. The patient is 'exceedingly anxious' to perform a named part in a play, and this should be possible, 'as she feels confident that she will be able to <?> the part satisfactorily in that time. Mrs. K<?> is forbidden to write or read.'