[ William R. Holland, American anthropologist. ] Typed Letter Signed to Francoise Cabeaux of Belgium, responding positively to her offer to help publish his work in Europe, with details of his planned publications.

William R. Holland (1928-1964), American anthropologist, expert in the field of Maya religion and cosmology and the Tzotzil-speaking people of highland Chiapas
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San Carlos 7, San Angel Inn, Mexico 20, D.F. 24 June 1963.
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Holland's obituary in the American Anthropologist (vol. 67, issue 1, 1967, pp.80-82, including bibliography) accorded him high praise: 'The success with which he had applied himself during the greater part of the past six years to field work and the productivity he had shown in publishing his research results make his early death an incalculable loss to the field of Maya studies.' 1p., 4to. In fair condition, lightly-aged and worn. In remains of Air Mail envelope, addressed to 'Srta. Francoise Cabeaux | 152 Chausee de Charleroi | Bruxelles 6, Belgique'. He begins by thanking her for her letter, adding 'The rainy season has started in Mexico and so things are quite similar to the way that you describe Belgium these days.' He thanks her again for her interest in his work and expresses his desire 'to publish in European newspapers and magazines with your help'. He will 'send along anything that might help you to interest a magazine in this work'. He is publishing 'another article in a Buffalo, New York newspaper', with 'a larger number and variety of photographs', and 'will send it along as soon as possible'. His 'book' should be published 'within the next month or two', and he will send her a copy: 'You remember it will be published in Spanish and not in English. But if there is interest there I would certainly be in favor of publishing it in Europe.' He ends in the hope that he 'may get to Europe next summer for some scientific meetings in Madrid'.