[ Jeremy Thorpe, disgraced Liberal Party leader. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Jeremy') to 'Peter' [ documentary-maker Peter Morley ], with 'Memorandum on suggested Programme for "This Week"', 'on the South African question', signed 'Jeremy Thorpe.'

Jeremy Thorpe [ John Jeremy Thorpe ] (1929-2014), disgraced Liberal Party leader [ Peter Morley [ Franz Peter Meyer ] (1924-2016), television documentary maker; Apartheid; South Africa ]
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Both the letter and the memorandum on House of Commons letterheads. Letter dated 3 June 1960; memorandum undated.
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Both items in fair condition, on lightly-aged paper, and stapled together. Between 1960 and 1963 Morley was producer of ITV current affairs series 'This Week'. ONE: ALS from 'Jeremy' to 'My dear Peter'. 3 June 1960. 1p., 12mo. Enclosing the 'preliminary Memorandum', and giving his contact details at the Liberal Club. 'In Kenya I have very good contacts who cd lay on a private plane (gratis!) to investigate the re-emergence of mau mau. | In the Protectorate I think I cd arrange Transport.' He ends by opining that 'this scheme has possibilities'. TWO: Typed 'Memorandum on suggested Programme for "This Week"', signed on the last page 'Jeremy Thorpe.' 4pp., 4to. Divided into six sections: 'Content of Programme', 'Theme of Programme', 'Some Highlights' (in five subsections: 'In Basutoland', 'Swaziland', 'Bechuanaland', 'Sir John Maud' and 'In Nairobi', 'Team', 'Timing' ('I personally would love to handle the commentating and could leave on June 19th.'), 'Travel Arrangements'. The first section is brief, and reads: 'It is suggested that a team should visit the three British Protectorates of Swaziland, Basuto and Bechuanaland, possibly calling in at Nairobi on the return journey. This could give a totally fresh slant on the South African question.' It is not clear whether a documentary was made, with or without Thorpe's involvement.