[ Sir Eric A. Carpenter, Chairman, Williams Deacon's Bank, Manchester. ] Six items from his papers, including two typed corrected speeches by him on the opening of the bank's new headquarters, also letter to him from Bill Lyth of Sheffield Telegraph.

Williams Deacon's Bank Ltd, founded in Manchester in 1836 [ Sir Eric A. Carpenter [ Sir Eric Ashton Carpenter ] (1896-1973); Williams & Glyn; Royal Bank of Scotland ]
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Williams Deacon's Bank, Manchester, 1953, 1959 and 1963.
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Williams Deacon's Bank Ltd, which was founded in Manchester in 1836 and subsequently headquartered in London, had a large network of branches in the north-west of England. It was acquired by the Royal Bank of Scotland in 1930. In 1970 it was merged with Glyn, Mills & Co and The National Bank to form Williams & Glyn's Bank. Carpenter was a director of the bank for 21 years, serving as chairman for 12 years. He was a leading Manchester industrialist, and among the numerous positions listed in his entry in Who Was Who, he was for 40 years the chairman and managing director of the Manchester cotton manufacturers Greg Brothers & Co., a leading member of the Cotton and Rayon Merchants' Association, the Association of British Chambers of Commerce, and the International Chamber of Commerce. He was knighted in 1951, 'For services as President, Manchester Chamber of Commerce'. Six items. The first five in fair condition, lightly aged and worn, with the first three bearing rust stains from paperclips. ONE: Typed speech [by Carpenter, as the bank's chairman] on the opening of the bank's new head office. Headed 'THE OPENING: | My Lord Mayor, Mr. Governor, Your Grace, My Lords, Your Worship [last two words deleted, as the Mayor of Salford was not present] and Gentlemen.' 4pp., 12mo. With pencil and ink autograph emendations. The speech concludes: 'Finally, we are truly grateful to the Governor of the Bank of England for so kindly accepting our invitation to officially open the building. In the course of eleven years Chairmanship of the Bank, I have had ample opportunity to appreciate the invaluable part which the Old Lady of Threadneedle Street plays in the good conduct of the nation's monetary affairs. I have good reason to say also that, under the Governorship of the Earl of Cromer, the Old Lady is in very good hands. | I have very much pleasure in calling upon Lord Cromer, Governor of the Bank of England, to officially open the building.' TWO: Typed speech [by Carpenter, as the bank's chairman] during a dinner in honour of the opening of the bank's new head office. Headed: 'LUNCHEON. | My Lord Mayor, Mr. Governor, Your Grace, My Lords, Your Worship [last two words deleted, as is 'His Worship the Mayor of Salford.'] and Gentlemen.' 3pp., 12mo. He lists the 'distinguished guests present at 'Our Luncheon Table', and describes the 'handsome and generous gifts of silver' which adorn it, joking about 'a Loving Cup' and 'the Betrothal Cup', and ending: 'This seems to me to be a rather improper procedfure not in keeping with the decorum of a Bank.' THREE: Typed Note Signed from William ('Bill') Lyth, editor of the Sheffield Telegraph. On the newspaper's letterhead, 17 November 1959. Returning 'the notes for your speech which you were kind enough to lend me last evening. They were of considerable use in checking the speech taken by our shorthand writer.' FOUR: Printed 'Statement by the Chairman, Sir Eric A. Carpenter, O.B.E., on the Report and Accounts for the year ended 31st December, 1952, to be submitted at the Annual General Meeting in Manchester on Thursday, February 12th, 1953.' 4pp., 8vo. Bifolium. In double column, small print. FIVE: Two leaves extracted from the Guardian newspaper, 22 October 1963, the four pages (pp.9-12) on a bifolium. A publicity feature, with illustrations, headed 'New Head Office for Williams Deacon's Bank'. With sections on 'A Vigorous Tradition' ('by Our Industrial Staff'), 'The New Design by H. M. Fairhurst', 'The Old Building' and 'Training Bank Staff'. The article carries the following note: 'This article and those on the old buildings of the bank and on training bank staff, were compiled from information supplied by the management of the bank'. SIX: Publicity booklet titled 'The New Administrative Headquarters of Williams Deacon's Bank Limited'. 16pp., landscape 8vo. On art paper, stapled, in card wraps. A glossy production, beginning with 'A message from the Chairman | Sir Eric A. Carpenter, O.B.E.' In woeful condition, with damp damage causing loss to text (but the page bearing Carpenter's text, and featuring a photograph of him, fully legible).