[ Algernon Ashton, Professor of Piano at the Royal College of Music. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Algernon Ashton') to the editor of the Daily Graphic, discussing the works of Franz Lachner and the 'overrated' Tchaikovsky.

Algernon Ashton [ Algernon Bennet Langton Ashton ] (1859-1937), English composer and Professor of Piano at the Royal College of Music 1884-1910
Publication details: 
44 Hamilton Gardens, St John's Wood, London. 6 April 1903.

3pp., 12mo. In good condition, on lightly aged and worn paper.

[ Sir Ashton Lever, natural history collector. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Ashton Lever') to 'Mr. Harrop', regarding a plan to send 'a Cargo of Potatoes' to 'our brave friends at Gibraltar'.

Sir Ashton Lever (1729-1788) of Alkrington Hall, Rochdale, Lancashire, natural history collector [ The Great Siege of Gibraltar, 1779-1783 ]
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'Alkrington' [ Alkrington Hall, Rochdale, Lancashire ]. 20 October 1782.

1p., landscape 8vo. On aged and worn paper, with a couple of light ink stains. A small cutting carrying a biography of Lever is laid down at bottom left. His 'intention relative to sending a Cargo of Potatoes to our brave friends at Gibraltar' has not met with the support he expected, so he is forced to 'give up the plan, the Subscription being no way adequate to the expence that would attend'. He asks Harrop to insert the list of subscribers in his newspaper, and to 'return those Gentlemen their Subscription with my best Compliments'.

[Sir Leigh Ashton, Director of the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.] Typed Letter Signed ('Leigh Ashton'), thanking Ernest Gye for 'the gift of a design for La Bohème, Act II, by Hans Strohbach'.

Sir Leigh Ashton [Sir Arthur Leigh Bolland Ashton] (1897-1983), Director of the Victoria and Albert Museum, London [Ernest Frederick Gye (1879-1955), diplomat, son of Ernest Gye and Dame Emma Albani]
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On letterhead of the Victoria and Albert Museum, South Kensington, S.W.7. 14 January 1946.

1p., 4to. On lightly aged and creased paper. Ashton has made two emendations in manuscript: 'Dear Sir' is changed to 'My dear Ernest', and 'Yours faithfully' to 'Yours ever'. The letter reads: 'I beg to offer you our sincere thanks for the gift of a design for La Bohème, Act II, by Hans Strohbach, which we have much pleasure in accepting for inclusion in the collections of the Victoria and Albert Museum.'

Autograph Letter Signed ('Samuel Hey') to Twining, giving details of an arson attack [on his church?].

Samuel Hey (1739-1828), eccentric bibliophile vicar of Steeple Ashton, Wiltshire, known as 'The Hermit' [Richard Twining (1749-1824), tea and coffee merchant]
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17 January 1822; 'Steeple-Ashton near Trowbridge | Wiltshire'.

12mo, 3 pp. Bifolium. Forty-nine lines of text, clear and complete. Good, on lightly-aged paper. In a neat, childish hand. Begins by asking for ten pounds to be paid to the bearer, Thomas Fairfax Carlile, on Hey's account. A 'hand bill' has been 'published on the occasion - but without effect', and fifteen of his 'near neighbours' have - 'without consulting me' - subscribed ten pounds each. 'A man was apprehended - but for want of sufficient evidence he was liberated to appear before the magistrate when called for, upon penalty of 40£.

Manuscript, in a contemporary hand, of an English satirical poem entitled 'Boney's Bridge', based on 'The House that Jack Built', concerning an incident during the Battle of Leipzig.

[Napoleon Bonaparte; Battle of Leipzig, 1813; English Georgian satire]
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[England, 1813.]

4to (22.5 x 19), 2 pp. Text complete in forty-three lines. On aged and stained paper, with wear and closed tears to extremities. The first three lines are 'This is the Bridge that was blown into air. | These are the Miners who had the care | Of mining the Bridge that was blown into air'. Three corrections in the same hand. The poem was printed in the Morning Chronicle, 24 November 1813, under the title 'Buonaparte's Bridge', and reprinted in 'The Spirit of the Public Journals for 1813', that version containing a couple of minor variations [authorial?] from the present text. A. M.

7-inch extended play 45 rpm vinyl record entitled 'Tobacco Chant - Part 1 | The Song of the Auctioneer' ['Tobacco Chant - Part 2' on the b-side].

Bob Cage [Produced by G. J. Ashton; Recorded by C. U. Krieger; Tobacco Auctions Ltd, Southern Rhodesia; Halifax, Virginia]
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Tobacco Auctions Limited, Salisbury, Southern Rhodesia.

Undated. Dusty, but veryy good, on black vinyl with yellow label and triangular insert. In lightly worn, creased and grubby original sleeve printed in green and yellow, carrying a lengthy note by G. J. Ashton, beginning 'On this record you can hear parts of an actual sale of tobacco held on the floor of Tobacco Auctions Ltd., Salisbury, introduced by BOB CAGE. Mr. Cage, a native of Halifax, Virginia, has been auctioneering tobacco for over fifteen years in the United States and Rhodesia.

One Autograph Letter Signed and one Typed Letter Signed to W. Perry, Secretary, Royal Society of Arts.

Sir Arthur Leigh Bolland Ashton [Leigh Ashton]
Publication details: 
Typed letter: 19 November 1930; autograph letter, no date; both items on (different) Victoria & Albert Museum letterheads.

Director (1897-1983) and Secretary, Victoria and Albert Museum, 1945-55. Both items one page, quarto. Both in very good condition. Typed letter bearing R.S.A. stamp. Both items concerning a projected lecture. TYPED LETTER: Perry will have a typescript by the end of the month, 'but as a good dea of my lecture is extempore you may find it rather shorter than you had anticipated. The written part will be roughly two thousand words.' Signed Leigh Ashton'. AUTOGRAPH LETTER: Perry will 'have to be content with the length of M.S. I send in. It may possibly run to 3000 but not more.

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