[ Lever Brothers in the French Congo. ] Five Typed Letters Signed (all 'W H Lever') from the future Viscount Leverhulme to the French cotton magnate Jules Siegfried, on the Kouliou NIari Company in the French Congo, and French wartime achievements.

William Hesketh Lever, 1st Viscount Leverhulme (1851-1925), soap manufacturer and philanthropist [ Jules Siegfried (1837-1922), French industrialist; Lever Brothers, Port Sunlight; the French Congo ]
Publication details: 
Four on letterheads of Port Sunlight, Cheshire; the fifth on letterhead of Thornton Manor, Thornton Hough, Cheshire. 1 September 1913 to 28 March 1917.

Each of the five is 1p., 4to. The first three have mourning borders. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn. In the first letter (1 September 1913) he expresses delight that Siegfried has 'agreed to join the board of the Kouliou [sic, for 'Kouilou'] Niari Company'.

[ Sir Ashton Lever, natural history collector. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Ashton Lever') to 'Mr. Harrop', regarding a plan to send 'a Cargo of Potatoes' to 'our brave friends at Gibraltar'.

Sir Ashton Lever (1729-1788) of Alkrington Hall, Rochdale, Lancashire, natural history collector [ The Great Siege of Gibraltar, 1779-1783 ]
Publication details: 
'Alkrington' [ Alkrington Hall, Rochdale, Lancashire ]. 20 October 1782.

1p., landscape 8vo. On aged and worn paper, with a couple of light ink stains. A small cutting carrying a biography of Lever is laid down at bottom left. His 'intention relative to sending a Cargo of Potatoes to our brave friends at Gibraltar' has not met with the support he expected, so he is forced to 'give up the plan, the Subscription being no way adequate to the expence that would attend'. He asks Harrop to insert the list of subscribers in his newspaper, and to 'return those Gentlemen their Subscription with my best Compliments'.

[ Printed First World War pamphlet. ] Negotiate Now? A Business Man's Answer. An Interview with Lord Leverhulme by Harold Begbie.

Lord Leverhulme [ William Hesketh Lever, 1st Viscount Leverhulme (1851-1925) ] ; Harold Begbie [ The Daily Chronicle, London ]
Publication details: 
W. H. Smith & Son: 186 Strand, London, W.C.

7 + [1]pp., 8vo. In fair condition, on aged and worn newspaper stock. Reproduction on cover of Louis Raemaekers cartoon from the Daily Chronicle titled 'The Hand of Kultur'. Biography of Leverhulme on p.2. Headings: '"Burglar Morality"', 'Change of Mind Necessary', 'Back to the 1914 Mood', 'Meaning of Hertling's Speech', 'Hypocrisy and Confidence', 'Our Rock of Defence', 'When Gernmany may be Trusted'. Quotation from Leverhulme on back cover: 'Russia is out. Rumania is out. Italy has received a hard blow. France and England are the only enemies left who remain to be crushed.

[Charles Lever, London solicitor.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Chas: Lever.') [to Thomas Wright?], subscribing to the newly-formed Camden Society, and making suggestions regarding 'the proposed undertaking'.

Charles Lever, London solicitor [Thomas Wright (1810-1877), antiquary, Secretary of the Camden Society]
Publication details: 
10 King's Road, Bedford Row [London]. 2 April 1838.

1p., 4to. 22 lines of text. In very good condition, on lightly-aged paper, with traces of mount on reverse.

Printed trade catalogue of 'Stayte' pocket and wrist watches, 'Abby bracelets', and other items, by the Birmingham jewellers Adolph Scott Ltd, containing numerous illustrations in black and white and colour.

Adolph Scott Ltd., Birmingham jewellers [clocks and watches; trade catalogues]
Publication details: 
Adolph Scott Ltd., 24, 25 & 26, Gt. Hampton St., Birmingham.

44pp., 4to. In original grey wraps, with coloured illustration by 'Scott' of a Restoration lady by a sundial and the word 'Watches' on front cover. In good condition, lightly-aged with slight rusting to staples. The catalogue is printed on art paper, without indication of date or publisher, but with a label printed in red from Adolph Scott Ltd, tipped in at the front, stating that 'Prices in this list are subject to 50 per cent.

[Printed facsimile; Hymn] From Greenland's Icy Mountains [Twas when the Seas were roaring].

Reginald Heber, sometime Bishop of Calcutta.
From Greenland's Icy Mountains
Publication details: 
Published & Sold by Hughes & Son, Wrexham, [1899].
From Greenland's Icy Mountains

Four pages, 4to, bifolium, stains and small closed tears on fold marks, mainly good condition, comprising: Facsimile of Heber's words for the Hymn commencing "From Greenland's Icy Mountains" and concluding ([p.2]) "Redeemer, King, Creator, in bliss returns to reign" (Note at foot of p.[2] "The obliterations in the second and Fourth Verses are caused by the Printer's file"; p.[3] For the story of the writing of the hymn (see http://www.cyberhymnal.org/htm/f/r/fromgrim.htm); p.[4] Typed Letter Signed "Ellis Lever", "coal contractor", Brooklawn, Southport, April 8th, 1899, explaining to the ad

Manuscript indenture: 'Deed of Trust in relation to the foundation of a Chair of Physical Chemistry in the University'. Signed by Badock, Cook and Rafter, and bearing the University of Bristol seal.

William Hesketh Lever (1851-1925), 1st Viscount Leverhulme; the University of Bristol [Sir Stanley H. Badock, Pro-Chancellor; Ernest H. Cook, Lecturer; James Rafter, Registrar]
Publication details: 

2 pp, on first leaf of bifolium of thick cream paper, dimensions roughly 40.5 x 26.5 cm. Ruled with red lines. Docketed on reverse of second leaf. Text clear and complete. In good condition, though grubby. Leverhulme ('the Settlor') is 'desirous of assisting in the foundation of a Chair of Physical Chemistry in the University', and has ('with the approbation of the Council of the University') 'transferred Five Thousand "B" Twenty per centum Cumulative Preferred Ordinary Shares of One pound each fully paid in Lever Brothers Limited into the name of the University'.

A collection of forty-three typewritten documents, with maps, diagrams and some manuscript material, relating to military training, assembled by Lieut. R. A. Lever of the Fiji Defence Force.

Robert John Aylwin Wallace Lever, Government Entomologist at Fiji [Fiji Defence Force; New Zealand Expeditionary Force; Second World War; military training; standing orders]
Publication details: 
1939 to 1940.

The majority of the material is on leaves of foolscap paper. The collection is in good condition: lightly aged and with some wear to extremities. Assembled by Lever during the course of his training as an officer in the Fiji Defence Force, it gives a valuable insight into colonial military procedure. Occasional manuscript additions and corrections. Arranged in four folders. FIRST FOLDER ('H.M. Customs, Fiji.') contains: ONE: [2 pages] Army School of Instruction. New Zealand Expeditionary Force 1940. War Equipment Tabel. Infantry (Rifle) Battalion. TWO: [5 pages] Army School of Instruction.

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