[ National War Aims Committee, London. ] 25 First World War pamphlets in the 'Searchlights' series, authors including G. K. Chesterton, Woodrow Wilson, Lord Leverhulme, Earl Curzon, G. W. E. Russell, J. H. Jowett.

[ National War Aims Committee, London ] G. K. Chesterton; Woodrow Wilson; Lord Leverhulme; Earl Curzon; G. W. E. Russell; J. H. Jowett; Ben Tillett; Victor Grayson; Herman Roesemeier; W. S. Sanders
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National War Aims Committee [ London ]. Numbered 2-25 and 27. Distributed by W. H. Smith and Son, London; by John Menzies and Co., Ltd., Edinburgh.

The 25 items are uniform in layout, each consisting of 4pp. on a bifolium with leaf dimensions 22.5 x 9cm. Variously printed in brown, blue, black and green. In fair condition, on aged and worn paper. At foot of last page of each pamphlet: 'Ask for "Reality" each week.' Pamphlets 2 to 25 are: W. S. Sanders, 'Under the Kaiser's Rule'; Dr. Herman Roesemeier ('formerly Editor of the Berlin "Morning Post."'), 'A German Speaks | An Open Letter'; 'A Socialist Talks it Over'; W. A.

[ Printed First World War pamphlet. ] Negotiate Now? A Business Man's Answer. An Interview with Lord Leverhulme by Harold Begbie.

Lord Leverhulme [ William Hesketh Lever, 1st Viscount Leverhulme (1851-1925) ] ; Harold Begbie [ The Daily Chronicle, London ]
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W. H. Smith & Son: 186 Strand, London, W.C.

7 + [1]pp., 8vo. In fair condition, on aged and worn newspaper stock. Reproduction on cover of Louis Raemaekers cartoon from the Daily Chronicle titled 'The Hand of Kultur'. Biography of Leverhulme on p.2. Headings: '"Burglar Morality"', 'Change of Mind Necessary', 'Back to the 1914 Mood', 'Meaning of Hertling's Speech', 'Hypocrisy and Confidence', 'Our Rock of Defence', 'When Gernmany may be Trusted'. Quotation from Leverhulme on back cover: 'Russia is out. Rumania is out. Italy has received a hard blow. France and England are the only enemies left who remain to be crushed.

Manuscript indenture: 'Deed of Trust in relation to the foundation of a Chair of Physical Chemistry in the University'. Signed by Badock, Cook and Rafter, and bearing the University of Bristol seal.

William Hesketh Lever (1851-1925), 1st Viscount Leverhulme; the University of Bristol [Sir Stanley H. Badock, Pro-Chancellor; Ernest H. Cook, Lecturer; James Rafter, Registrar]
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2 pp, on first leaf of bifolium of thick cream paper, dimensions roughly 40.5 x 26.5 cm. Ruled with red lines. Docketed on reverse of second leaf. Text clear and complete. In good condition, though grubby. Leverhulme ('the Settlor') is 'desirous of assisting in the foundation of a Chair of Physical Chemistry in the University', and has ('with the approbation of the Council of the University') 'transferred Five Thousand "B" Twenty per centum Cumulative Preferred Ordinary Shares of One pound each fully paid in Lever Brothers Limited into the name of the University'.

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