[ R. E. B. Crompton, inventor and electrical engineer. ] Autograph Card in the third person, paying his subscription to the Royal Society of Arts.

R. E. B. Crompton [ Rookes Evelyn Bell Crompton ] (1845-1940), British inventor, electrical engineer and industrialist [ Crompton & Co. ]
Publication details: 
On letterhead of Thriplands, Kensington Court, W. [ London ] 31 January 1901.

On both sides of a 9 x 11 cm. grey card with embossed letterhead. In good condition, lightly aged. Docketted and with Royal Academy of Arts stamp. 'Lt. Colonel Crompton begs to enclose a cheque in payment of his subscription and will be greatly obliged to the Secretary if he will send him a form to enable his Bankers - Messrs. Barclay & Co. to pay the subscription in future.' Crompton's firm Crompton & Co. was one of the world's first large-scale manufacturers of electrical equipment.

[Albion Iron Works, West Bromwich.] Autograph Letter Signed from the proprietor Walter Williams to London bankers Messrs Thomson Hankey & Co, regarding the purchase of 'nails & chains' for casks.

Walter Williams of Rose Inn, proprietor of Albion Iron Works, West Bromwich [Messrs Thomson Hankey & Co, London merchant bankers]
Publication details: 
Albion Iron Works, Westbromwich [West Bromwich]. 21 June 1844. With 'WEST BROMWICH' postmark.

1p., 4to. Bifolium, addressed on the reverse of the second leaf to 'Messrs. Thomson Hankey <& Co> | Merchants | 7 Mincing Lane | London'. The second leaf is also docketed, and carries two circular postmarks, one from 'WEST BROMWICH'. Williams writes that he has returned to find 'an enquiry about the nails & chains'. He gives a price below which he cannot go, adding: 'I must be paid for the Casks: but if a quantity of nails had been wanted I would have given my trouble on the other things, as I should have made a profit on the nails'.

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