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[Beryl de Zoete, dance critic and orientalist.] Autograph Card Signed ('Beryl de Z.) to the anthropologist Erich Alport, regarding peonies and 'flower viewing'.

Beryl de Zoete [married name Beryl de Sélincourt] (1879-1962), dance critic, orientalist and translator, partner of the sinologist Arthur Waley [Erich Adolph Alport (1903-1972), anthropologist]
Publication details: 
50 Gordon Square, WC [London]. Postmarked date 28 May 1950.

In good condition, on aged card. Addressed to 'Erich Alport Esqe. | 195 Woodstock Rd. | Oxford'. The card reads: 'By dint of putting them up to their necks in water every night, all the peonies came out & are only just scattering their petals. I have been flower viewing all the week - two magnificent gardens & the Chelsea show. It was very nice to see you. I hope you will propose yourself again - after I get back from abroad.'

[Adolphe Thiers, French statesman.] Autograph Letter Signed ('A. Thiers'), in French, to a general [Dembinski?], regarding the plight of Polish exiles (including Lelewel and Ostrowski) following the November 1830 Uprising against the Russians.

Adolphe Thiers [Marie Joseph Louis Adolphe Thiers] (1797-1877), French statesman and historian [General Henryk Dembinski; Joachim Lelewel; Leon Chodsko; J. B. Ostrowski; Poland; Polish]
Adolphe Thiers
Publication details: 
[Paris.] 24 October 1832.
Adolphe Thiers

1p., 12mo. In fair condition, on aged and lightly-worn paper. Accompanying the document is an undated and unsigned twentieth-century English translation, on letterhead of Lincoln House, Beauchamp Road, East Molesey, Surrey, headed 'A very free translation - guessing at illegible words'. At the time of writing Thiers was in government, in the Ministry of the Interior.

Two Autograph Letters Signed (one with a drawing) and an Autograph Note Signed from the editor of 'Ballet' magazine Richard Buckle to Dr Erich Adolph Alport, with typed circular from Buckle and Typed Letter Signed to Alport from his secretary.

Richard Buckle [Christopher Richard Sandford Buckle; 'Dicky'] (1916-2001),dance critic and editor of 'Ballet' magazine [Dr Erich Adolph Alport (d.1972), art connoisseur and book collector]
Publication details: 
One from Overstrand [Norfolk]; 27 May 1950. The other four on letterheads of 'Ballet', 'Ballet and Opera' and 'Ballet Publications Ltd'. Between 1949 and 1950.

The five items in good condition, on lightly-aged paper. Item One: Autograph Letter Signed (with a crude drawing of Buckle sitting on a rope slung between the printed names of the two magazines). 1p., 4to. On Fleet Street letterhead of 'Ballet Publications Ltd.' Dated by Alport 14 February 1950. The letter concerns an article on the conductor Karl Rankl, and begins: 'Dear Erich | I have just spoken to Harewood [the Earl of Harewood, co-founder with Buckle of 'Opera' magazine].

Typed Letter Signed ('Harewood') from George Henry Hubert Lascelles, 7th Earl of Harewood, as editor of 'Opera' magazine, to Dr Erich Adolph Alport, regarding a 'muddle' over an article on Karl Rankl, caused by a letter from the conductor's wife.

George Henry Hubert Lascelles, 7th Earl of Harewood (1923-2011) [Dr Erich Adolph Alport (d.1972), art connoisseur and book collector; Karl Frankl (1898-1968), English conductor, born in Austria]
Publication details: 
On letterhead of Harewood House, Leeds. 14 February 1950.

2pp., 12mo. Very good, on lightly-aged paper. 36 lines. Harewood explains that he 'originally asked Mrs Rankl to think of someone who had known her husband for, at any rate, a portion of his continental career who would be prepared to review his career before he came to this country, and also to give some idea of what he had achieved since arriving here [...] when the moment came she had to say that there appeared to be nobody who had known him abroad who had the necessary musical qualifications. When I saw her about 10 days ago I said I would find someone myself.

Printed lithographic certificate for a gymnastic pyramid designed by Adolf Schlieder of Gohlis, with autograph signature of Adolf A. Stempel, director of Stempel's Physical Training Institute and Gymnasium, Regent's Park, London.

Adolf A. Stempel, Sole Proprietor and Director of Stempel's Physical Training Institute and Gymnasium, 76 Albany St, Regent's Park [Adolf Schlieder of Gohlis in Saxony]
Publication details: 
Certificate: Gohlis [Saxony]. 1888. Stempel's signature dated from London, 12 April 1888.

On one side of a piece of 11 x 22.5 cm card. In fair condition, aged and a little worn, with one crease. Crude but attractive design, within a thick-thin border, depicting a gymnast within a sylvan setting, holding a laurel wreath over the head of a bald and bearded figure (presumably Schlieder). To the gymnast's left is a large banner bearing the motto: 'FRISCH FROMM FRÖHLICH FREI'.

Printed trade catalogue of 'Stayte' pocket and wrist watches, 'Abby bracelets', and other items, by the Birmingham jewellers Adolph Scott Ltd, containing numerous illustrations in black and white and colour.

Adolph Scott Ltd., Birmingham jewellers [clocks and watches; trade catalogues]
Publication details: 
Adolph Scott Ltd., 24, 25 & 26, Gt. Hampton St., Birmingham.

44pp., 4to. In original grey wraps, with coloured illustration by 'Scott' of a Restoration lady by a sundial and the word 'Watches' on front cover. In good condition, lightly-aged with slight rusting to staples. The catalogue is printed on art paper, without indication of date or publisher, but with a label printed in red from Adolph Scott Ltd, tipped in at the front, stating that 'Prices in this list are subject to 50 per cent.

Autograph Letter in the third person to Messrs A. & C. Black, 4 Soho Square, London [publishers of 'Who's Who'].

Freiherr Adolph von Deichmann (1831-1907) [Baron Deichmann], German banker and anglophile 'four-in-hand' coaching enthusiast
Publication details: 
8 October 1900; on letterhead of Schloss Bendeleben [Germany].

8vo: 2 pp. Good, on lightly-aged laid paper with slight chipping and glue stain at head (not affecting text). A formal letter written in English in the third person. He asks them to send 'another form [for him to write his entry in 'Who's Who'] to be filled up [...] The first one sent was mislaid on leaving London'. Deichman was the subject of a 'Spy' cartoon ('Vanity Fair', 14 May 1903: 'He wears curious hats'), in which he is shown driving a coach.

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