Two Autograph Letters Signed (one with a drawing) and an Autograph Note Signed from the editor of 'Ballet' magazine Richard Buckle to Dr Erich Adolph Alport, with typed circular from Buckle and Typed Letter Signed to Alport from his secretary.

Richard Buckle [Christopher Richard Sandford Buckle; 'Dicky'] (1916-2001),dance critic and editor of 'Ballet' magazine [Dr Erich Adolph Alport (d.1972), art connoisseur and book collector]
Publication details: 
One from Overstrand [Norfolk]; 27 May 1950. The other four on letterheads of 'Ballet', 'Ballet and Opera' and 'Ballet Publications Ltd'. Between 1949 and 1950.

The five items in good condition, on lightly-aged paper. Item One: Autograph Letter Signed (with a crude drawing of Buckle sitting on a rope slung between the printed names of the two magazines). 1p., 4to. On Fleet Street letterhead of 'Ballet Publications Ltd.' Dated by Alport 14 February 1950. The letter concerns an article on the conductor Karl Rankl, and begins: 'Dear Erich | I have just spoken to Harewood [the Earl of Harewood, co-founder with Buckle of 'Opera' magazine].

Autograph Letter Signed ('W. F. Monypenny') to Charles J. Trevor.

William Flavelle Monypenny (1866-1912), British journalist and historian, best known for his biography (with G. E. Buckle) of Benjamin Disraeli
Publication details: 
29 May 1907; on letterhead 2 Queen Anne's Gate, S.W.

Two pages, 12mo. Good, on spotted paper. Folded twice.He is obliged to his correspondent for 'sending me a copy of the Disraeli letter in your possession'. He will not trouble his correspondent for a loan of the original 'as the contents are rather of private than of public interest'.

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