[ County Fire Office and Provident Life Office, London, ] Four printed items (proposals, notice) and four manuscript items, including three Autograph Letters Signed from Managing Director J. T. Barber Beaumont to Sir John Edward Harington.

County Fire Office and Provident Life Office, London [ John Thomas Barber Beaumont (1774-1841), artist and philanthropist; Sir John Edward Harington (1760-1831), 8th Baronet, of Ridlington ]
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County Fire Office and Provident Life Office, London, Between 1817 and 1828.

Eight items. In good condition, lightly aged and worn. Beaumont's entry in the Oxford DNB explains the background: 'In 1806 Barber successfully launched the Provident Life Office, and in the following year the County Fire Office. With the support of landed gentry and West End bankers, the County grew within twenty years to become the fifth largest fire insurer in Britain.

Printed 'Prospectus of the Equitable Annuity Association, Instituted in 1816.'

Equitable Annuity Association, London [ J. T. Barber Beaumont, Managing Director ]
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[ Equitable Annuity Association, London. ] London: Printed by C. Roworth, Bell-yard, Temple-bar. [ Circa 1825? ]

3pp., 8vo. In good condition, lightly aged paper. Well-written, in small type. The aim is to raise a quarter of a million pounds, to render 'annuity purchases' as a 'species of investment [...] as safe and as convertible to the members of the Association as any other'.

[C. W. Beaumont, dance writer, bookseller and publisher.] Typed Letter Signed ('Cyril Beaumont') to 'Mr White', dismissing 'would-be Diaghilevs'.

Cyril Beaumont [Cyril William Beaumont; C. W. Beaumont] (1891-1976), dance writer, bookseller and publisher
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On letterhead of 'C. W. Beaumont | Bookseller & Publisher | At the Sign of the Harlequins Bat', 75 Charing Cross Road, London WC2. 3 April 1954.

1p., 12mo. Good, on lightly-aged paper. He begins by stating that his book 'contains the details' his correspondent requires, and continues: 'I am sorry to say that I made a little mistake when I was talking to you over the telephone about "Pulcinella". I think I said there was a long description of that ballet in my "Diaghilev Ballet in London", but of course it is the "Complete Book of Ballets".

Autograph Letter Signed ('A W Callcott.') to an unnamed male correpsondent.

Sir Augustus Wall Callcott (1770-1844), English painter
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11 January 1833; <?> Kensington Gravel Pits.

12mo, 1 p. Good, on lightly aged and ruckled paper. Laid down on a piece of grey paper removed from an autograph album. Accepting an invitation, and informing the recipient that 'Mrs Callcott has recovered from her last attack - but she is still slightly affected at times, and is very weak.'

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