[ The London College of Educational Dance Training (later the London College of Dance). ] Printed prospectus from 1946, with one letter from the principal Grace Cone, and four from vice-principal Anita Heyworth, to Phrosso Pfister.

[ The London College of Dance [ The London College of Educational Dance Training ]; Grace Cone; Anita Heyworth; Phrosso Pfister (1922-2013) ]
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The London College of Educational Dance Training, The Lodge [ Rawdon Hall ], Holyport, near Maidenhead, Berkshire. 1944, 1945 and 1946.
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The London College of Educational Dance Training opened at Rawdon Hall in 1944, merged with Middlesex University in 1994, and shut in 2003. Grace Cone, the first principal, retired in 1966, and was replaced by her vice-principal Anita Heyworth. Heyworth retired in 1973 and was replaced by Phrosso Pfister. Pfister had become a student at the college in 1945, following war service with the SOE in Egypt and Italy, and had become a staff member in 1949. The present collection of five items is from Pfister's papers. ONE: Early printed prospectus for three-year course at the 'London College of Educational Dance Training', with The Lodge, Holyport, near Maidenhead, Berkshire, given as the 'Temporary address prior to London residence'. 3pp., 4to. Bifolium. In fair condition, aged and worn. Slug: 'H & S 9491/46'. The reverse of the first leaf lists the thirteen members of the 'Advisory Board', including Cyril Beaumont and Olive Ripman, together with the staff, headed by 'Principal: - Miss Grace Cone | Member Grand Council, Technical and Executive Committees and Examiner, Royal Academy of Dancing. Advanced Member, Greek Dance Association. Fellow, Licentiate and Member (6 Branches) of the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing, Inc. (Advanced Cecchetti Certificate and Ballroom Committee.)' and 'Vice-Principal: - Miss Anita Heyworth | Fellow of the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing, Inc., and Examiner, Natural Movement Branch. Associate of the Ballroom Branch.' The prospectus proper, on twenty-eight lines of small print, heads the recto of the second leaf, and begins: 'The recognition that Dancing, properly taught by teachers with a scientific understanding of movement, can play a very important part in the education of the growing child, is opening a new field for the dancing profession. The London College of Educational Dance Training has been founded to meet this requirement.' The 'Fees: payable in advance' are given at the foot of the page. The cost of 'Full training, including board residence' is fifty guineas. TWO: Typed Letter Signed from Grace Cone. On the College letterhead (Rawdon Hall), which states that she is 'Assisted by highly qualified Staff'. 28 June 1945. Accepting Pfister as a student, and adding that 'there is a very big demand for qualified teachers in schools, and I cannot fill all the vacancies; I do hope you will be successful in obtaining your release.' In monogrammed envelope of the Cone School. THREE: One ALS and three TLsS to Pfister from Anita Heyworth. The first an autograph Air Mail letter to 'Ensign H. P. Pfister | 18027 | Military Est. 57. | C. M. F.' Dated 9 December [1944]. Sending 'Christmas greetings from Miss Atkinson and myself' , and expressing keenness on having her 'as a student at the London College of Dance Training', and sending a prospectus. (The 'Advisory Board' in Item One includes 'Miss Madge Atkinson – Hon. Vice-Chairman and Founder of Natural Movement Branch of the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing, Inc.') Second, a typed letter on the College letterhead, 20 March [1945]. She is pleased to hear of Pfister's return to England, and is enclosing 'the promised prospectus which you can use for your interview with Commander Cope – Tell her that you wish to enter a training college for Teachers – that we are running on similar lines to the physical training colleges – but with dancing as the main practical subject instead of gymnastics'. She hopes that Pfister can join in September: 'I should think the war will be over by then, so maybe they would release you'. Third, a typed letter on the College letterhead, 4 May 1945. She thanks her for writing about her live in Italy, and hopes that her 'holiday at Warminster will help to complete the cure'. She also deserves 'a little time of gaiety' at the London theatres. 'It will be very nice indeed if you can do part time work in London and part time at the Cone School to get back into practise.' She suggests a meeting to discuss matters. 'Yes, we were in Bognor for Sheila's show. It was very bad luck that she tore a muscle in her leg just five minutes before the curtain went up!' The 'war news' is 'grand': 'It makes one feel as though the news for which we have longed for so many years is a trifle unreal. It seems wrong to celebrate too much when men are still having to fight in the East.' Four, typed letter from Rawdon Hall, 18 June 1945. She is pleased to learn from Cone that Pfister is joining the College in the autumn. The term begins on 28 September, and it is 'more than probable that we shall not be at Maidenhead, as we hope to find a building nearer to London […] We are very busy with rehearsals and work for our Advisory Board demonstration and therefore I am never in London [where Pfister will be working in September at 'the Cone School'] in an evening, and seldom during the daytime just now.' The letter ends on the subject of attendance at 'the Imperial Congress'.