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[ Henry Richmond Droop, Victorian Mathematician. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('H. R. Droop') [ to E. Meyrick Goulburn, Dean of Norwich ], presenting a copy of his book 'The Edwardian Vestments', and discussing its contents. With the book itself.

Henry Richmond Droop, M.A., of Lincoln's Inn, Barrister-at-Law; Formerly Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge [ H. R. Droop (1832-1884), mathematician ] [ Edward Meyrick Goulburn (1818-1897)]
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Letter: addressed from 1 New Square, Lincoln's Inn [ London ]. 1 February 1882. Book ('Reissued with supplementary notes.'): Published in London by Hatchards, Piccadilly, 1876.

LETTER: 8pp., 12mo. On two bifoliums. In good condition, lightly aged, and tipped-in onto the half-title of Item Two below.

[ Edward Meyrick Goulburn, Headmaster of Rugby school and Dean of Norwich. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('E. Meyrick Goulburn') to Rev. H. J. Beaumont, writing dismissively of 'Church Defence' and 'Parochial Machinery'.

E. Meyrick Goulburn [ Edward Meyrick Goulburn ] (1818-1897), Headmaster of Rugby School, Dean of Norwich, Prebendary of St Paul's, religious author [ Rev. H. J. Beaumont ]
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On letterhead of 21 Sussex Gardens, Hyde Park, W. 27 October 1864.

1p., 12mo. Bifolium with mourning border. In good condition, lightly aged. He cannot help Beaumont, 'having no time to do so', and being 'disqualified, having never given any attention to the thought of Church Defence'. Regarding 'Parochial Machinery' he writes that he has 'none in my own Parish but the most ordinary and common-place appliances, which (in these days) every body else has'. He is sorry that Beaumont 'should have taken so much trouble to get help, which, if I could give it, would be of the smallest possible value'.

[ Edward Meyrick Goulburn, Headmaster of Rugby school and Dean of Norwich. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('E. Meyrick Goulburn') to the sculptor Thomas Sharp, declining a statuette of himself, because he is 'not a sufficiently dignified personage'.

E. Meyrick Goulburn [ Edward Meyrick Goulburn ] (1818-1897), Headmaster of Rugby School, Dean of Norwich, Prebendary of St Paul's, religious author [ Thomas Sharp (1805-1882), sculptor ]
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No place, 15 October 1862.

1p., 12mo. With mourning border. In good condition, lightly aged. Sharp's gift is 'kind and acceptable', and Goulburn hopes 'soon to call upon Mrs Sharp and yourself and acknowledge your kindness in person'. However he does not consider himself 'a sufficiently dignified personage to be honoured by a Statuette. - Possibly some few members of my congregation might like to have this memorial of me; and if this be so, pray let them have it'. Accompanied by a long manuscript bioigraphical note, on two parts of an envelope, written while Goulburn was still alive.

[ Northcote-Trevelyan Report, 1854. ] Six items: long letter from Herries to Northcote in defence of the civil service; Northcote's reply; Herries' rejoinder; letter from Frederick Goulburn to Herries; two printed papers by George Arbuthnot.

Northcote-Trevelyan Report, 1854 [ Sir Charles John Herries; Sir Stafford Northcote [ Stafford Henry Northcote, 1st Earl of Iddesleigh ]; George Arbuthnot; Frederick Goulburn; Civil Service reform ]
Publication details: 
The six items from 1854. Northcote's letter from the Pynes, Exeter; Herries from the 'I[nland]. R[evenue].' and 114 Piccadilly; Goulburn from the Board of Customs [ London ]; and one of Arbuthnot's papers 'Printed at the Foreign Office'.

Lord Hennessy has characterised the subject of these items, the Northcote-Trevelyan Report of 1854, as 'the greatest single governing gift of the nineteenth to the twentieth century: a politically disinterested and permanent Civil Service with core values of integrity, propriety, objectivity and appointment on merit, able to transfer its loyalty and expertise from one elected government to the next'.

ALS ('E. Meyrick Goulburn') from Rev. Edward Meyrick Goulburn, Dean of Norwich, to Rev. Dr Adam Sedgwick, FRS, Woodwardian Professor of Geology at Cambridge, regarding improvements to the canonry, and St Catharine's College, Cambridge.

Edward Meyrick Goulburn (1818-1897), Dean of Norwich from 1866 to his death, and Headmaster of Rugby, 1849-1857 [Adam Sedgwick (1785-1873); St Catharine's College, Cambridge]
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On letterhead of The Deanery, Norwich. 9 January 1873.

4pp., 12mo. 51 lines of text. Bifolium. On aged paper. The context is explained by the fact that until 1927 one canonry in the cathedral establishment of Norwich was attached to the Mastership of St. Catharine's College. The letter begins: 'I have requested the Master of Catherine [sic] [Charles Kirkby Robinson] to read you two letters from Canon Nisbet, which will show you how very litle prospect there is of our getting permission from the Ecclesiastical Commissioners to spend any part of the money gained by our sale of the Barracks in the improvement of our Canonry Houses.

Autograph fragment signed to the Bishop of Peterborough,

Edward Meyrick Goulburn
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without place or date.

Dean of Norwich (1818-97), and writer on religious matters. One page, 12mo. Recto: "<...> "The Homes for the Widows and Unmarried "Daughters of deceased Clergymen," and its object is to provide gratuitously for such Ladies clea and quiet Lodgings in a respectable part of Londo. The Instin is struggling on with fair success, and since its commencement one or two new Lodging Houses have been affiliated under Miss Reid's (the Foundress's) superintendence; but the last year was, for causes over which <...>".

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