[Carte-de-Visite] Photograph [of engraving??; daguerrotype?], head and shoulders of Bridget Winthrop, married to William Maunsell

[Mrs. C. Flynn, Limerick Ireland, Bookseller and owner of Photographic Studio]
Mrs C. Flynn, bookseller
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Mrs C. Flynn, bookseller

Carte-de-visite size, c.6 x 10cm, faded photograph of Bridget Winthrop (or engraving of), sl. spotted, on reverse the following information in MS., Bridget Winthrop married to Wm Maunsell | Mrs Wm Maunsell gt grandmother of H.O. Donnell[MA CLK?] [space] great great Grandmother to Mrs Petronella O'Donnell and to Mr Elliot O'Donnell". [Printed on reverse: Mrs. C. Flynn | Bookseller & Stationer | Circulating Library | Photographic Studio | 20 George Street | Limerick".From the archive of Elliot O'Donnell, Irish ghost-hunter. Note: Limerick: Mrs. C.

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