[Trevor Howard, star of stage and screen, and psychopath.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Trevor Howard. | [-Smith].') and Autograph Note Signed ('Trevor Howard'), both to 'Sgt Hall', regarding his whereabouts.

Trevor Howard [Trevor Wallace Howard-Smith] (1913-1988), stage and film actor
Publication details: 
ONE: '11th. Bn. S. Staffords | Plymouth'. TWO: 'Officers Mess | 11th. Bn. S. Staffords | Seaton Barracks | Crownhill.' Both items dated 12 February 1943.

Both items in fair condition, lightly aged, with small holes to one corner from being stapled together. ONE: From Plymouth. Signed 'Trevor Howard. | [-Smith].' 2pp, 12mo. Begins: 'Dear Sgt Hall | A line only, to confirm our conversation of yesterday, and to tell you that I am moving away from the Plain to Plymouth. So please would you make a note of the change of B[attalio]n. & address, as heaven knows what delay will be caused by inefficient people if you don't.' He will write form Plymouth, and 'furnish' Hall 'with developments when they occur'. TWO: From Crownhill. Signed 'Trevor Howard'.

[Col. H. W. Feilden, Arctic explorer, to Daniel Meinerzhagen: 'A few days actual acquaintance with Polar Regions will do you more good than a cart-load of letters.'] Two Autograph Letters Signed regarding Meinertzhagen's plan to explore Spitsbergen.

Col. H. W. Feilden [Colonel Henry Wemyss Feilden] (1838-1921), Arctic explorer and naturalist [Daniel Meinertzhagen (1875-1898); Aubyn Trevor-Battye (1855-1922)]
Publication details: 
Both on letterhead of Wells, Norfolk. 18 and 29 December 1895.

A close friend of Rudyard Kipling, Feilden fought on the Confederate side in the American Civil War, and married the daughter of a South Carolina judge. The recipient Daniel Meinertzhagen (1875-1898) was the eldest of the ten children of Daniel Meinertzhagen (1842-1910) of Mottisfont Abbey, Hampshire, and brother to the celebrated intelligence officer and fraud Col. Richard Meinertzhagen (1878-1967). At the time of writing he was a student at New College, Oxford.

[ J.M. Barrie ] Original coloured illustrations of Napoleonic costume designs for 1934 production at His Majesty's Theatre, London, of J. M. Barrie's play 'Josephine'

[Costume designs for the 1934 production of 'Josephine' by J. M. Barrie, at His Majesty's Theatre, London] [Lady Helen Beerbohm Tree; George Grossmith Jnr; Lyn Harding; Spencer Trevor; Allan Jeayes]
Publication details: 
1934; His Majesty's Theatre, London.

Twelve pages of illustrations, each on a separate leaf. Seven are portrait folio, four are portrait 8vo, and one is landscape 8vo. All clear and complete, on aged and creased paper. All coloured in watercolour. The seven folio portraits are: Napoleon as First Consul; Talma; Eugene; Moustache ('Mr. Lyn Harding [(1867-1952)]'); two 'Flunkies'; and Austrian Ambassador ('Mr Spencer Trevor [(1875-1945)]'). The four portrait 8vo illustrations consist of: two of Larose ('Lady Tree [Lady Helen Beerbohm Tree (1858-1937)]'); Louise ('Miss Lemand') and the overcoat of Talma ('Mr.

Typed copy of 1920 letter by Lieut Trevor Orchard Chichele Plowden, describing the Bolshevik massacre at Odessa of 'Denikens Volunteer Army', with Autograph Letter Signed by him while on HMS Firedrake in 1916, and three related items.

Commander Trevor Orchard Chichele Plowden (1896-1942), RN [HMS Firedrake; HMS Ajax; Royal Navy]
Publication details: 
Autograph Letter on letterhead of HMS Firedrake, 18 November 1916. Typed Copy of Letter from HMS Ajax, Mediterranean Fleet, 19 February 1920, Constantinople

For biographical information about Commander Plowden, see the Times obituary quoted at the end of this description. All five items in good condition, on lightly-aged paper. Item One: Typed copy of letter from 'Trevor' to 'Mother and Pater'. 2pp., 4to. Headed 'Copy'. With envelope addressed to Miss Martin Wood, c/o Lt. Gen Phelps, Woodbourne Grange, Edgbaston. (As Item Three shows, this copy was made by Plowden's mother for his aunt.) 'I told you we expected to go to the Black Sea from here and we did very shortly afterwards, to Odessa.

Autograph Letter Signed ('W. F. Monypenny') to Charles J. Trevor.

William Flavelle Monypenny (1866-1912), British journalist and historian, best known for his biography (with G. E. Buckle) of Benjamin Disraeli
Publication details: 
29 May 1907; on letterhead 2 Queen Anne's Gate, S.W.

Two pages, 12mo. Good, on spotted paper. Folded twice.He is obliged to his correspondent for 'sending me a copy of the Disraeli letter in your possession'. He will not trouble his correspondent for a loan of the original 'as the contents are rather of private than of public interest'.

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