[Vertès, Hungarian-French costume designer.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Vertès') to 'Cher M. Ede', accompanying a Typed Signed Article on his oscar-winning collaboration with John Huston on the 1952 film 'Moulin Rouge'. Both documents in French.

Vertès [Marcel Vertès] (1895-1961), Hungarian-French costume designer and illustrator, winner of two Academy Awards [John Huston (1906-1987), American film director; Eliot Elisofon; Oswald Morris]
Publication details: 
Letter dated 4 January 1954. No place. Typed account without date or place.

Vertès won two Oscars for his work on John Huston's 1952 biography of Toulouse-Lautrec, 'Moulin Rouge': Best Art Direction (with Paul Sheriff) and Best Costume Design. The second of the present two items is an article Ede had invited Vertès to write on his role in the film; the first is the covering letter with which it was sent. ONE: Autograph Letter Signed to 'Cher M. Ede'. 4 January 1954. 2pp., 8vo. In good condition, lightly aged and worn. He is enclosing 'le petit texte', which he hopes will be to Ede's taste.

[ J.M. Barrie ] Original coloured illustrations of Napoleonic costume designs for 1934 production at His Majesty's Theatre, London, of J. M. Barrie's play 'Josephine'

[Costume designs for the 1934 production of 'Josephine' by J. M. Barrie, at His Majesty's Theatre, London] [Lady Helen Beerbohm Tree; George Grossmith Jnr; Lyn Harding; Spencer Trevor; Allan Jeayes]
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1934; His Majesty's Theatre, London.

Twelve pages of illustrations, each on a separate leaf. Seven are portrait folio, four are portrait 8vo, and one is landscape 8vo. All clear and complete, on aged and creased paper. All coloured in watercolour. The seven folio portraits are: Napoleon as First Consul; Talma; Eugene; Moustache ('Mr. Lyn Harding [(1867-1952)]'); two 'Flunkies'; and Austrian Ambassador ('Mr Spencer Trevor [(1875-1945)]'). The four portrait 8vo illustrations consist of: two of Larose ('Lady Tree [Lady Helen Beerbohm Tree (1858-1937)]'); Louise ('Miss Lemand') and the overcoat of Talma ('Mr.

[ Jill Casson and Andrew Storie, British costume designers. ] Autograph note signed from Casson, on printed invitation to a show of 'Mr. Andrew Storie's drawings' at Casson's studio.

Jill Casson and Andrew Storie, British costume designers
Publication details: 
The invitation, for 20 July 1928, from Casson's studio, The Little House, 24, Clareville Street, Queen's Gate. Autograph note by Casson undated.

Printed on one 12mo page of a bifolium of thick orange paper. The invitation is to a show of 'Mr. Andrew Storie's drawings of modern, mediaeval and theatrical dresses at her studio on Friday, 20th July, 1928 from 4 to 7 - (p.m. of course)'. Casson's note, in top left-hand corner, reads: 'Mr. Ian Davison kindly told me he was sure you would be very interested in Mr. Storie's work. - I do hope you can find time to come. | Jill Casson'.

[Thomas Townend & Co., Hatters to the Royal Family.] Edwardian trade catalogue, tastefully produced and filled with illustrations of a wide variety of hats and caps.

Thomas Townend & Co, Hatters to the Royal Family, 16 and 18 Lime St., London, E.C., established 1778.
Publication details: 
Thomas Townend & Co, 16 and 18 Lime St., London, E.C. Undated [Printers: Howard & Jones. Litho. London. Entered at Stationers Hall.] [Edwardian].

12pp., small 4to., on twelve leaves of thick art paper bound with pink ribbon, in blue and brown illustrated chromo-litho covers with flap carrying the royal crest. Internally good, in worn covers repaired with tape. The covers are designed in the distinctive style of the periodThe first eight pages each carry an arrangement of as many as a dozen black and white photographic illustrations of the firm's stock, within a coloured decorative borders (varying from page to page). The last four pages are entirely printed in black. The only text consists of captions to the illustrations.

[Margaret Francis Harris, theatre designer.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Margaret Harris') to 'Mr Rhodes', discussing the sale of her 'Motley designs' to the University of Illinois.

Margaret Harris [Margaret Francis Harris] (1904-2000), English opera, costume and theatre designer [Motley Theatre Design Group]
Publication details: 
On letterhead of the Theatre Design Course at Riverside, Riverside Studios, Crisp Road, Hammersmith. 17 June 1982.

2pp., 8vo. In very good condition, on lightly-aged paper. She apologises for not being able to be 'helpful on any of your questions'. She does not even possess a copy of her own 'Designing and Making Stage Costume'. 'I have no Motley designs at all, as every one which was in my possession has been sold to the University of Illinois, who have taken the whole collection of about 3000 swatches.' She is glad to hear that he has some of them, 'as it means that there are a few still in this country'.

[Album of black and white photographs.] Souvenir de Bretagne. Les Noces en Cornouailles. Étude des différents costumes de Fête.

[Victorian photographs of folk costume of Brittany; Cornish weddings; customs]
Publication details: 
'Villard Photographe - Editeur | Quimper | Dépôt G. Le Bras, Libraire. Heliotype E. La Deley, Paris.' Undated [late nineteenth century].

The album is landscape, 13 x 19 cm. Internally clean on lightly-aged paper, stapled into worn and spotted printed covers. It contains 26 photographs (10 full-page and 16 half-page), on 18 leaves separated by tissue guards, a mixture of indoor and outdoor scenes, and some posed. Images include: 'Les Mariages de Plougastel-Daoulas. - Le Défile des Mariés'; 'La Gavotte Bretonne'; 'DOUARNENEZ. - Toilette de la Mariée'; Arrivée du Cortege au Bourg'; 'Le Repas de Noces.

Autograph Letter Signed ('Seymour Lucas') to 'Mr Wright' [W.H.K. Wright, editor of the Journal of the Ex-Libris Society?].

John Seymour Lucas (1849-1923), R.A., English artist and costume designer
Publication details: 
17 April 1906; on letterhead of Priory Place, Blythburgh, Suffolk.

Two pages, 12mo. Good, on lightly aged and creased paper. 'In the rush of finishing [his] Academy work' he finds Wright's letter 'among numerous others unanswered'. He will be returning to London in a fortnight 'and shall have great pleasure in sending you the bookplate together with an early one. Also my autograph &c.'

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