[Adolphe Thiers, French statesman.] Autograph Letter Signed ('A. Thiers'), in French, to a general [Dembinski?], regarding the plight of Polish exiles (including Lelewel and Ostrowski) following the November 1830 Uprising against the Russians.

Adolphe Thiers [Marie Joseph Louis Adolphe Thiers] (1797-1877), French statesman and historian [General Henryk Dembinski; Joachim Lelewel; Leon Chodsko; J. B. Ostrowski; Poland; Polish]
Adolphe Thiers
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[Paris.] 24 October 1832.
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1p., 12mo. In fair condition, on aged and lightly-worn paper. Accompanying the document is an undated and unsigned twentieth-century English translation, on letterhead of Lincoln House, Beauchamp Road, East Molesey, Surrey, headed 'A very free translation - guessing at illegible words'. At the time of writing Thiers was in government, in the Ministry of the Interior. The translation (with corrections) reads: 'My dear General, | I am very anxious to do all that I can, subject to the limits of my powers; I would like to be able to alleviate all the miseries, and particularly those of the Polish people. I am striving to make some members of the Directoire, responsible for their position. I am going to offer the help refreshed by the Secretary-General of Justice, J. B. Ostrowski, but with regard to Mr. Lelewel and Mr. Chodsko I cannot yet promise anything. When they receive Government orders that they may come to see me, I will see that everything possible is done for them. | It is utterly impossible to arrange for them to leave Paris. | My regards to you, my dear General.'