[ Chris Chataway, runner and politician ] Autograph Letter Signed "Christopher Chataway" to "Sir James" [?] declining an invitation to give a lecture.

Christopher Chataway [Sir Christopher John Chataway (1931–2014), often known as Chris Chataway, British middle- and long-distance runner, TV news broadcaster, and Conservative M.P.
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[House of Commons stamp] 2 Feb [no year given]

Two pages, 8vo, very good condition. "It was very good of you to invite me to give the Trueman Wood Lecture, and I was most honoured. | As you will have heard, however, I came to the conclusion somewhat regretfully that I could not really do justice to the occasion. Althugh I am becoming increasingly interested in the problems of conservation - and I hope gradually more knowledgeable - I did not feel that I had sufficient expertise to lecture about it to the R.S.A."

The Harmony of the Apocalypse with other Prophecies of Holy Scripture. With Notes, and an outline of the various interpretations. WITH MS. material.

Rev. William Henry Hoare.
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London: John W. Parker, West Strand, 1848.

[228] pp., cr. 8vo, modern cloth binding, good condition. THE AUTHORIAL COPY, with extensive manuscript corrections and additions, with manuscript enclosures, interleaved (bound in) and with extensive manuscript additions and corrections obviously for a new edition (not published), including a variant titlepage and subheading for Part 1. The author states his objective in writing the original book as the elucidation of parallels between the Apocalypse "and other Prophecies of Holy Scripture". His Index sets out his territory: "The APOCALYPSE/ . . .

[The Union of the Four Provinces of Ireland Club, London.] Issue of 'The Four Provinces' Club Gazette', with accounts of 'The Irish National Banquet', appreciation of Jeremiah O'Driscoll by Bryan Fleming, and references to Sylvia Lynd with photograph

Larry Manogue, editor, The Four Provinces' Club Gazette [The Union of the Four Provinces of Ireland Club, 38 Russell Square, London WC1; Jeremiah O'Driscoll; Bryan Fleming; Sylvia Lynd]
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Vol. 1 No. 3. May 1924.

42pp., 12mo. In cream printed illustrated wraps printed in green. The body of the magazine is paginated 53-85, with additional pages of advertisements at the front and back, and on the inside and back of the wraps. Aged, and with a little damp damage and rust to staples. From the Lynd archive, and with a full-page photographic portrait of 'Mrs. ROBERT LYND' on p.66. For the purposes of reproduction her daughter Maire Gaster has altered 'Mrs. ROBERT' to 'Sylvia' in pencil, and written 'Courtesy of MAIRE GASTER' at the head of the page.

[Sir Roger Bannister, the first man to run a four-minute mile.] Autograph Signature ('Roger Bannister')

Sir Roger Bannister [Sir Roger Gilbert Bannister (born 1929), the first man to run a four-minute mile
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Without place or date [1950s].

Bannister achieved his record on 6 May 1954 at the Iffley Road Track in Oxford, with Chris Chataway and Chris Brasher providing the pacing. The signature ('Roger Bannister') is firmly written on a piece of 4 x 9.5 cm paper, laid down on an 11 x 16 cm leaf removed from an autograph album. In good condition, on lightly-aged paper. Laid down next to it is a 14.5 x 5 cm black and white photograph of Bannister running, cut from a magazine.

Typed Letter Signed by Troy and Dollie Hoskins for 'The Four Comets | Dollie, Pauline [Same], Bob [Saras] & "Hank" ' to 'Dear Friends' [the variety entertainers Bonar and Rubye Colleano], concerning an appearance in Austria with Willy Reichert.

'The Four Comets America's Whirlwind Skaters' [Troy Hoskins; Dolly Hoskins; Pauline Same; Bob Saras; Bonar Colleano; Willy Reichert; roller-skating; variety entertainment]
The Four Comets America's Whirlwind Skaters
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10 January 1938; Munchen, Austria.
The Four Comets America's Whirlwind Skaters

4to, 4 pp. 43 typed lines, and two-line manuscript postscript. Signed in pencil 'Sincerely | Dollie & Troy.', with the name of the troupe typed over this. Text clear and complete on discoloured and creased paper. Chatty and humorous letter. 'By the time you read this letter we will have either left a terrible stench in the Theatre or else the Manager will be satisfied. [...] JANUARY 11, FLASH!!!!

A Plain Tale.

[Eimar Ultan O'Duffy (1893-1935), Irish satirical writer]
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Undated; place and printer not stated.

One page, in two 62-line columns. Octavo leaf with blank reverse. Good, on lightly aged paper with slight nicking and creasing to edges. Satirical account of 'simple soul' Michael James's dealings with his hypocritical neighbour Susan Elizabeth, who hands him a white feather when he refuses to enlist in the British Army during the Great War. On 'the Day' of the Easter Rising James fights and is wounded and 'thrown into the interment camp at Frongoch'. Susan Elizabeth then becomes 'a great Sinn Feiner.

Autograph Letter in the third person to Messrs A. & C. Black, 4 Soho Square, London [publishers of 'Who's Who'].

Freiherr Adolph von Deichmann (1831-1907) [Baron Deichmann], German banker and anglophile 'four-in-hand' coaching enthusiast
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8 October 1900; on letterhead of Schloss Bendeleben [Germany].

8vo: 2 pp. Good, on lightly-aged laid paper with slight chipping and glue stain at head (not affecting text). A formal letter written in English in the third person. He asks them to send 'another form [for him to write his entry in 'Who's Who'] to be filled up [...] The first one sent was mislaid on leaving London'. Deichman was the subject of a 'Spy' cartoon ('Vanity Fair', 14 May 1903: 'He wears curious hats'), in which he is shown driving a coach.

Printed Receipt Signed, with Manuscript Additions in another hand, for money lent to Queen Anne.

Sir David Colyear, 1st Earl of Portmore
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[London]; 19 May 1707.

General (c.1656-1730) and Governor of Gibraltar, married to Catherine Sedley, mistress of James II (see item# ). One leaf, dimensions roughly seven inches by ten and a half. Printed text with manuscript additions on recto; docketed on verso. Good, but grubby, and with slight repair to head. Receipt 'of the Honourable [Lord ffitzharding]' (corrected from 'James Vernon Esq'); One of the Four Tellers of the Receipt of Her Majesty's Exchequer', of eighty pounds for twenty-four months interest on £500 lent by Portmore and 'My Ld Kent' on 14 August 1704. Signed 'Portmore'.

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