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[Eleven British authors of the 1920s and 1930s.] Autograph Signatures of Hugh Walpole, J. B. Priestley, C. S. Forester, V. S. Pritchett, Lord Dunsany, Alec Waugh, Norman Collins, A. G. Macdonell, Ivor Brown, Philip Jordan and Lionel Hale.

Hugh Walpole, J. B. Priestley, C. S. Forester, V. S. Pritchett, Lord Dunsany, Alec Waugh, Norman Collins, A. G. Macdonell, Ivor Brown, Philip Jordan, Lionel Hale, Pauline Donalda, H. Lane Wilson
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Without date or place [London? Late 1920s? 1930s?]

The signatures feature with no other text on a single page, on one side of a 15 x 18 cm leaf of thickish cream paper removed from an album. In fair condition, aged, and dusty, with slight pinkish-red staining on edges, and not near any of the signatures. The signatories are: 'Hugh Walpole', 'Dunsany' [Lord Dunsany], 'Alec Waugh/', 'V S Pritchett', 'Lionel Hale.', 'Norman Collins', 'Philip Jordan' [Philip Furneaux Jordan (1902-1951), journalist and author], 'A. G. Macdonell.', 'Ivor Brown', 'J. B. Priestley', 'C. S. Forester'.

[ Philip Saville, 'the Orson Welles of the small screen'. ] Two Autograph Notebooks by the pioneering British director: first with account of making of 'Hamlet in Elsinore', second with plot, dialogue, notes, for 'Stop The World, I Want To Get Off'.

Philip Saville (1930-2016), 'the Orson Welles of the small screen', pioneering British film and television director, associated with Harold Pinter, Jane Arden, Diana Rigg, Bob Dylan, Pauline Boty
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Both with Saville's London address, 28 Finchley Road, NW8. Both volumes undated, but the first around 1964, and the second around 1966.

These two items date from the 1960s, a period during which Saville was a notable 'face' on the London scene: he dated the 'Avengers' actress Diana Rigg and the Pop artist Pauline Boty, and flew Bob Dylan to Britain for his first acting role.

[ Pauline Niven, wife of novelist Frederick Niven. ] Autograph Letter Signed to the poet Sylvia Lynd, discussing her husband's ill health, his work and other matters.

Pauline Niven [ born Mary Pauline Thorne-Quelch (d.1968) ], wife of the Scots-Canadian novelist Frederick Niven [ Frederick John Niven ] (1878-1944) [ Sylvia Lynd [ née Dryhurst ] (1888-1952), poet ]
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202B Victoria Street, Nelson, British Columbia, Canada. 23 September 1943.

8pp., 12mo. In good condition, on lightly-aged paper. An interesting letter, written four months before the death of her husband. She begins: 'Dearest Sylvia - | I meant to write to you last month because I am one of those tiresome people who remember anniversaries & it was in August that you both came down to the Windermere to see us.

Typed Letter Signed by Troy and Dollie Hoskins for 'The Four Comets | Dollie, Pauline [Same], Bob [Saras] & "Hank" ' to 'Dear Friends' [the variety entertainers Bonar and Rubye Colleano], concerning an appearance in Austria with Willy Reichert.

'The Four Comets America's Whirlwind Skaters' [Troy Hoskins; Dolly Hoskins; Pauline Same; Bob Saras; Bonar Colleano; Willy Reichert; roller-skating; variety entertainment]
The Four Comets America's Whirlwind Skaters
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10 January 1938; Munchen, Austria.
The Four Comets America's Whirlwind Skaters

4to, 4 pp. 43 typed lines, and two-line manuscript postscript. Signed in pencil 'Sincerely | Dollie & Troy.', with the name of the troupe typed over this. Text clear and complete on discoloured and creased paper. Chatty and humorous letter. 'By the time you read this letter we will have either left a terrible stench in the Theatre or else the Manager will be satisfied. [...] JANUARY 11, FLASH!!!!

Autograph Letter Signed ('Mischa-Léon'), in English, to 'M. Rosing' [Vladimir Rosing].

Mischa-Léon' ['Mischa Leon'] [Harry Haurowitz (1889-?)], Danish tenor, Monte Carlo Opera [his wife Pauline Lightstone Donalda (1882-1970), 'Madame Donalda'; Russian tenor Vladimir Rosing (1890-1963)]
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London. Monday. [no date]'.

8vo, 3 pp. Bifolium with dimensions of leaf 18.5 x 14 cm. Good, on slightly grubby and lightly creased paper. Small slip of paper mount adhering to one margin (not affecting text). Written in a bold and distinctive hand. He will not be able to make 'an appearance with "Lhada" [?]' as he is 'sorry to see that I am in Brighton the 22nd and 23rd of April, where I sing with Madame Donalda'.

Autograph Letter Signed ('L. P. Hobart-Hampden') to 'Miss <Caste?>'.

Lucy Pauline Wright, afterwards the Hon. Mrs Charles Hobart-Hampden [Lucy Hobart-Hampden] (d. 1913), author of 'The Changed Cross'
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21 May 1889; Fonthill Cottage.

12mo, 4 pp. Good. A bifolium, attached by a strip along the inner margin to a leaf removed from an autograph album, docketed 'Mrs. Hobart Hampden, Authoress of "The Changed Cross" '. Postscript written vertically across the upper part of the first page. Concerns a photograph of the recipient's mother: a 'sweet souvenir of such a rare & precious jewel as your dear & beautiful Mother; whom we feel it such a privelidge [sic] to see and to know'.

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