[ Charles Young, head of the Kensington booksellers Lamley & Co., to John G. Wilson of Messrs Bumpus. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('C.') to Wilson

Charles Young, head of the Kensington booksellers Lamley & Co. [ [John Gideon Wilson (1876-1963)] of the London booksellers J. & E. Bumpus; John Murray Ltd ]
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On his letterhead, Lamley & Co., 1, 3 & 5 Exhibition Road, S.W.3. [ London ] 19 July 1931.
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R. J. L. Kingsford, in his history of the Publishers Association, describes Young as 'a bookseller of outstanding character and ability, a friend of Arnold Bennett, and the discoverer of the literary distinction of George Sturt'. 1p., 12mo. Neatly and closely written. Headed 'private', and addressed to 'Dear John'. Young is apparently following a dinner (of the Publishers Association) at which George Bernard Shaw was present, and the subject of the letter would appear to be an exhibition Wilson's firm has mounted of books by the London publisher John Murray. He asks him not to allow his 'remarks of Thursday to drill too deeply into your mind'. From Wilson's 'early note' he fears his remarks may have been taken too seriously. 'Knowing you so well and as you will believe with so considerable a liking, I thought you should be made aware of an outside impression which does exist though has not been expressed to me. It was a criticism of the publisher rather than of you. If you look at it from these outsiders point of view it resolves itself into propaganda for your firm.' From Young's own point of view 'such exhibitions can only do good to the Book trade and I am not minded to consider too personal a point of view. Now you may dismiss this matter from your mind – If Murrays and subsequent shows would make it clear that the books exhibited are on sale at all reputable bookshops it might be “A Good Thing” as the author of “1066 and all that” says.' Young concludes: 'I wish I'd stayed another few minutes. - & seen G. B. S.. I liked herself very much.' From the papers of John G. Wilson, for information regarding whom see his entry in the Oxford DNB.